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Shuffling a deck of cards, a real estate story

Good morning friend :) Chas, Team ORANGE, and I have had the fortunate privilege in helping another family move on to the next chapter in their life. I've been sitting here since about 5AM getting the listing info all together... being on Friday no less too... That being said, the story I told in the listing took all my creative gas this morning and I'm shot! hahah! :) When I went to the listing appointment a week ago or so, after going through the home we all sat at the kitchen table to talk about the logistics and such. That was short lived as the conversation evolved into a 3.5 hour "sit at the table" and talk like friends, with wine and beer... conversating about all things.. friendship, marriage, children... life! it was wonderful! :) It happened to be a rough day on me leading up to the appointment that evening.. However, after being there, connecting the way we did, I left (at 9:30PM) feeling so relaxed and all in all happy. I loved every minute of it. When I saw the pictures of the listing I remembered what it felt like to sit at the table, this table, all four of us, and the feelings I left with. As soon as this picture came up this real estate story just poured from how it felt to be there with them.


In the heart of the home you're sitting at the kitchen table stuck in a quiet-rhythmic trance of shuffling a deck of cards; tonight's game night. You watch steam bellow from a pot on the stove and dance its way up to the 9' ceilings. The south facing living room is exploding w/sunlight creating peaceful shadows as it cascades a gentle glare off the smooth granite countertops. Large ceramic tile leads you to every corner of the home. The front door opens and from where you sit, you can feel spring air pass through the home and mix w/tonight's dinner. The sound of soft voices are heard behind closed doors in the bedrooms down the hall. Lost in thought you're suddenly brought back to reality ~ "okay! I'm ready!" your heart warms :) you feel safe and happy. This is what home feels like. :)


If you want to see more pictures of the home :)

[Sending a MLS link would expire in 30 days is why I'm rocking a Zillow link]


Rolling off a similar topic, check out this crazy image of what our real estate inventory as a country looks like compared to last year.. ?!

Hot! Shit!

Arizona ranks #4 out of all states!

Idaho: -69.1%

New Hampshire: -59.6%

Oregon: -57.6%

ARIZONA: -56.9%

Arizona might as well be #1 given that our weather is AMAZING!... crazy how close ARIZONA/AMAZING look like the same word... weird?! haha! So it's not just us Arizona people that are feeling the squeeze on the shit levels of home inventory.. Knowing how low inventory is out there, being asked to help another family sell their home just fills my heart - truly. :) It is hard on my heart on my heart however.. We had the fortune of helping them buy this very home a few years ago. So at the moment I am processing all the emotions of when we wrote the purchase contract the first time.. Now here I sit drafting listing paperwork to sell it... different feelings than having lived there of course... but, the "I really care about this stuff" is just coming out of me like a beer gutted man playing racquetball. hahah! Should you or someone you know need help doing so, or even buying, we are a safe place to ask questions without expectation. :)

I do need to jet though!

I've got: 5 ceiling fans 3 pendant lights 2 doggie doors 2 doggie gates and possibly 1 water softener to install right now. :) [I already committed 7 hours to the install yesterday]... I wish I was that GUD for one day! hahah I might want...


I might need a stiff victory margarita when I get home today! :) We'll see Thanks for being awesome! We're here if you need anything. Have a grateful weekend!

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