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shoveling rock = JOY

Good morning :)

Funny enough, last week someone took me up on my offer to shovel rock... So for about 6 hours on Saturday I happily shoveled! :)  It was a solid good workout.   I'd still rather do that kind of work than go to a gym any day. It really reminded me of the years during the summer time I spent shoveling rock and dirt with my Grandpa... damn I miss that guy...

Years back when I was doing electrical & construction design, we were installing the stadium lights out at Phoenix International Raceway (PIR)... it was early February, right after the sun came up... it was damn brisk out, but quiet.


I could smell the winter desert morning and and felt the sun rays beat down on me as it cut through the dusty air.  Damn it was beautiful.  It again, took me back to shoveling rock and dirt with my GP as a kid.  :)

In the spirit of GP, shoveling rock, and the Friday picture... here is the very first picture I ever collected and took personally. This was my computer background for almost 2 years straight, all before I started my collection.  This is still one of my favorite background pics.  This is looking Southeast from PIR.. you'd never know, the track was dead right of this pic... 

I hope you and your family have a joyful weekend.  If you or someone you know needs help, this is a safe place to ask questions without expectation... Chas and I are grateful to help however we can.

All our best and have a bomb ass Friday! :)

-Josh & Chas :)

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