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Shared picture :)

Good'n morning! :)

Man can I feel the busyness! ready to put it in park for a bits! man! :)  but! back in the day, the old pioneers whom had a ranch and cattle to attend too had to get after it day in and day out... so I might as well as fall in their footsteps! haha :)

I have to be at a handyman job within the hour, so this morning I am short on time but wanted to make sure I said happy Friday to a buddy! 

One of my favorite things about my background picture collection is having pictures from good friends of mine send me awesome pictures.  This one is no exception! I can only imagine how it sounds from this perspective.  There are some sleep study 8-12hr continuous videos on YouTube that have creeks, rivers and sounds from the forest - pretty cool if you need a window to the outdoors and are stuck in doors... but regardless, I'm sure you can hear this just as I can now.

Have a grateful weekend friend! :) 

If you need anything, Chas and I are here to help.

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