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RIP Soldier | Marc Lee

Good morning :)

Have you ever come across something you've read that changed your life's purpose?  Or read something that shakes you through your heart and goes to your core - forever?  

This coming Wednesday, 8/2/17, will be the 11 year anniversary of fallen Navy Seal, Marc Lee's passing.  Marc gave his life defending his brothers in the Iraqi Freedom and was the first Navy Seal killed in that war.

Just weeks before his ultimate sacrifice he sent a letter home to friends and family. I deeply encourage you to read it as the words written are so incredibly moving and humbling... further more, they were put to paper within days of today, but 11 years ago.

Following Marc's death his Mother, Debbie Lee, was so moved by Marc's letter she started America's Mighty Warriors.  She wanted to continue what Marc had said in his last letter home...

America's Mighty Warriors (AMW) is a nonprofit who's mission is to honor the sacrifices of our troops by providing programs and support to families of fallen warriors and improve life for the hero's whom are now stateside battling PTSD, TBI's and emotional challenges.  AMW focuses on raising awareness of these struggles by being an advocate for them and their families.  Their giving doesn't stop there either, they also do random acts of kindness and even open the door of "Hope" to their home and allow families of the fallen to come, get away, and be around others whom have gone through the same.

One of my favorite things about AMW is that 90% of all money donated goes back to helping our troops get the attention they so wonderfully deserve.  If you are ever looking for something to donate to that is different than the big budget nonprofits, please consider America's Might Warriors. Even if it's picking up a T-shirt, the proceeds as well go to helping our hero's out. 

More info can be found here:

for Marc...

Thank you for reading our thoughts...Have a grateful day, Friend :)

-Josh & Chas

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