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RIP Good Buddy | Ernie Bonham

Good morning my wonderful people :)

Today is a somber day for me... but still a good day.  Later this afternoon many will be gathering to celebrate the life of a man named Ernie Bonham. I will not be able to attend today, however he will be in my thoughts... the best thing I can do is tell my friends about him.  Ernie was my first real boss of a professional real job.  The impression he had on me then has stuck with me for years.  As time turned and I no longer worked there, he evolved into a good friend and one whom I followed regularly.  He died much too soon of a heart attack at only 51.  He didn't have a wife or children, however, he had many many friends.  From what I know of him, he left as many rocks un-turned as possible and lived his life by doing what he loved and shared and taught anyone who was willing to learn.  Ernie worked in a man's-man construction industry, drove a Harley - yet his best friend on the planet was a 21 year old cat named Boots.  With his Carolina drawl and stories of him and Boots it added a level of gentleness and likability to him that made him even more his own man.  He also had a thing for Batman.  Anything and everything was Batman.. haha, even people who knew this about him would share all Batman things.

He went too soon, but left a lifetime of an impression on me.  I'm at that age now where this kind'a shit is likely to happen more than I like.  When it happens too soon, I hope like hell I can be one of the fortunate few whom puts down a long and full life, dying on empty, and with no rock un-turned - like my buddy Ernie.  It reminds me that life is too short in the long run and the more we can love our friends and family, and tell them regularly, and always be yourself, the more full our lives will be.  Like my buddy Ernie, I'm going to be the best as me as I can and be proud of the oddities that make me, me. :)

When my time comes, I hope that I have touched as many people as Ernie and be remembered and missed as he is and will be.  As best I could, I found an image, that when I see it, I can imagine seeing the Batman signal bouncing off a cloud calling out.  

For Ernie, R.I.P good friend. :)

(photographer unknown... I take ZERO credit for such a beautiful picture)

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