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RIP Chris Pike... sacrifice

Today is the eve to one of the best American holidays, Memorial Day.  It's usually filled with friends getting together, bbq's, the splash of pools, beers, and relaxation.  I will certainly be partaking in that social time as it's well received... However... I will be thinking of those whom have given their life to let me, let my family, my friends, and others across the world have this day of piece, safety and happiness. 

While I am out serving clients you'll find me always wearing my Navy Seal Trident.  The guy in the background is name Chris Pike.  He was a very close friend of mine in high school who changed his life by joining the Navy.  To everyone's surprise, when he died, we all found out he was a fallen soldier whom provided special information to the Navy Seals... That meant he had to be first before the Seals...  Attending his funeral many years ago was one of the most emotional and moving moments of my life.  

Knowing the kid he was while in high school, as someone whom cared for him, you were hopeful he'd turn into someone.  However you were feared with the idea of the true likelihood he'd fall short in life.  Hearing the eulogy of what he endured to become who he was before he died was gripping.  Hearing his story is what you see and hear in the movies.  For me, I was moved beyond tears to hear about what he had become and had done with himself.  I was so, so incredibly proud of him. 

I wear this Trident in honor of him and others like him.  It is my figurative symbol of selfless leadership which I wear proudly... It's the "good angel" on my shoulder as my accountability partner - to myself.

In honor of my friend Chris, soldiers whom have died in combat, after combat, taken their own life after combat, friends of friends whom have served and lost their brothers and sisters, I raise my glass and give thanks... no words, just a quiet moment of understanding how fortunate my life is due to such people, and how grateful I am - thank you.

Enjoy your Friday, Friends.  Have a safe and heartfelt Memorial Day weekend.

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