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Remembrance of those not here...

Hello good friend :)

The sun came up this morning, I woke up in a warm bed and there was hot water as I shaved to make ready for the day.  Life is pretty good when you look at the basics.  There's a lot to be grateful for.

Our youngest turns 8 years old on Sunday.  The babies growing up sure makes you feel old quick.  He and I have one of the best timed birthdays.. (my opinion) His is always connected to the Memorial Day holiday and mine Labor Day.

As I have gotten older Memorial Day means more to me than it used to... I like to think it's that I look at life so differently than before. Life is temporarily-precious... for those whom have decided to selflessly give their life for someone other than themselves is amazing.  This is not to glorify ones sacrifice in any regard... it's just the fundamental of that kind of service..

This weekend while we're tipping back a few, playing and splashing in the water, or engaging with our friends, I hope you can give more than a moment to think about those before us, those whom are no longer around us and remember them... as they can no longer wake up in a warm bed, or feel the hot water and warmth from the sun.  We have a lot to be grateful for. <3

When the sun sets this Monday, let's live our lives in honor of those whom cannot.  

​Weather you know someone or not who's not made it back, we all know someone whom's not here.  Embrace the temporarily-precious time we have on this planet, lead, serve, give, be selfless, be grateful, build a legacy as there are some whom cannot. Chas and I are here if you need anything. :)

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