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Realtors are important / PHX Real Estate Update

​Good morning and happy Friday :)

Can you see it and feel it??  The sun is coming up later... football is in the air and it's progressively feeling like fall is coming... even though you're sure to sweat balls between getting in and out of the car.. BUT! it's coming. :)

Having been home for 3 years now working from home one of the things I often reminisce about is my 1hr drive into work.  Being a die-ward west-sider, there were times of the year, pre-spring and pre-fall when the time of me driving put the sun right smack in my face.  It was so awesome!! like a driving sun-bath... I mean there would be a point where it would just be too much and I needed to put on my sun glasses... but damn man.  Just the subtle warmth (placebo warmth .. I am in my car... >D ) ... but it was like plugging in getting a recharge.  So every now and again when I can re-indulge in such sunshine... I'm going to. :) 

I had a buddy hear me out one time and thought I was crazy... then, a few weeks ago he said I found myself west bound on the 101 starring into the sunrise... it was awesome, thank you. :) hahah!! that was pretty awesome.  You should try it and let me know your thoughts! :)

So of course! what better than this?! 

Damn! :)


So!!! I have here attached the stat data from our MLS that shows the info from this past July.  And like last time.. it's pretty much the same... Lower inventory, rising house values, shorter duration days on the market, super low foreclosures and shortsales.... all good stuff really...great for a seller... a challenge for a buyer... but... they're buying something that is increasing in value. All of this is good.. especially considering where we came from almost 10 years ago with the bubble...

However, one of the things I took away from this info was that  the use and need for Realtors is dropping.  Year over year that number dwindles.... and if I'm being vulnerably transparent...this kinda shit is scary.  I mean, I really can't blame people for not wanting to use a Realtor as, I believe, the real estate industry did it to ourselves... we have not treated people well over time... many go into this industry to make big money... cause that's what the TV shows us... always after the next deal... gotta make that commission... gag!! that's why Open Door, Offer Pad, and the like along with Zillow now... they all are taking this "buy online" approach... cut the creepy salesman out of the deal... pretty shitty being in that salesman side of things... but, I can't blame that part of our culture.  I do work very hard to change that perspective though..

It's my opinion that buying and selling a home is an emotional thing.. a serious event in people's lives... you may forget what movie you saw or what actor played in what... but I tell you?! recalling where you lived will always stay with you.  Buying and selling a home is serious stuff... yes, there's a level of professional over site that's needed, but people need people to help them through this chapter of life... they need the emotional capital, emotional bandwidth to go through it... Those of us whom do this right are that extra life in the game... we are the hearts that pop up when playing Zelda... you're going to need some support... that's why we're here.

​​Knowing that someone will always remember where they moved from and being the person whom is there to help them through that transition is something I do not take lightly....especially given that they will likely always remember/recall the person, now friend... or worse.. the asshole, who helped them.  

The way I have had to look at things as we go deep into helping people is that when things get serious, it's like being with a friend whom drinks too much... they become overly sensitive, mean, angry, short, or hell, happy and chill...  compounded by trying to take care of an injured animal... 

They are going to trust you as you help, or they are not going to want your help, they are in pain... shit hurts.... sometimes when you are helping your people... you get bit... and damn.. sometimes that bite really hurts.. so much so you flinch when you reach out to help... but! .... once helped... they get better... they heal.. you have helped them along, whereas if you weren't there.. they would have lost their foot, or arm.... their marriage implodes or happens to lose tons of money, or take risks a sober person wouldn't... or, or...

Yes, that happens and it's a price one has to bare in serving people when they are finding a new home... but I would much rather trip on my face, learning, getting better, solving a problem never encountered before... all serving from the heart, regardless of how the client is feeling at the moment, all knowing that this is a safe place for them to be themselves and they will not be taken advantage of... even if it's less than desirable for me... I'm here, we're here to do so, to be that safe place.

That painful image doesn't happen a lot... thankfully!! or I'd be driving back into the sun every morning.  hahah! :) 

For me though, the painful ones stay top of mind...being north of 100 transactions, there are less than 5 i can recall... by talking about it allows me to continue having the courage to put myself out there... to encourage my team of people to do the same.. and to encourage our clients whom are in the throes of it as well.... as silly as it sounds.. that's what keeps me coming back... I LOVE OUR PEOPLE.

I hope in the long run that people win and ultimately people will need people.  I do believe in streamlining things, but how Open Door, Offer Pad, etc...  are doing it...that is not one of them.  

Hot damn that escalated quickly?! offta! I didn't intend on that kind of thought... but then again, it wouldn't have been so if I didn't care so much.  Life is good :)... stressful at times.. but good.  if it wasn't important, it wouldn't be stressful.

I hope you have a great Friday friend.. truly an awesome one! :)  If you or someone you know needs a safe place to talk to, to help guide, lead, cry and support them transitioning from a home to a new home.... Chas, Nicole, Ryan, and myself are here to make that happen. :)

Have a grateful day :)

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