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Pursuit for perfection

Good morning :) Damn!!! it is FRICKEN B-EA-YOU!-tiful outside!... just wish I had some outdoor efforts to hammer on, instead however, I'm working on some overhead beams.. gonna be dope!

Crazy how it's me that gets in the way of me... I work hard on being thorough and creative, but sometimes the timings of my commitments get in the way... it's shit that I am working on. Oddly enough I have two examples. hahah!

Already this morning I had been working on a gratefulman post but decided to table it for next week. The clock is ticking and I can feel the day starting to leak from my hands.. Already been at it for 4hrs now... But that's ok. Don't worry either!! I know me hahaha... It's not like a huge ass long read either! haha..

I've timed things enough now that it takes about 45 minutes to 1hr's worth of creativity to create 1 minute of reading for you. I'm good for it. :) I would rather get that post done well, than send it really rushed and careless.

The second example is our GUD/Orange newsletters. :) They have hit the mail! So be sure check'm out!

In an effort to have them hit the mail in a timely manner however, I had to make the difficult call of being ok with it not being as perfect as it could. I worked hard for them to be in your mailbox before this weekend... there's a bomb ass burger recipe and it would be amazing for the 4th of July ;)

Perfect I know is a loaded word. Chas calls me a perfectionist.. which I'd argue with... I think I just like shit done really well. hahha! Doing all the artwork and writing for the content of the newsletters, while trying to be creative and comical, ALL compounded by me not managing my time as well as I could.. shit gets missed sometimes...

especiallyu my nemiss... splelling..

​HAHAH! When I sent it for production I got a call right away at 530 in the morning letting me know I messed up an easy ass word and it's "pow" in your face... Shit! How embarrassing...!! I knew that I didn't have the time to get back home, correct, and resend. So... I stare at the sword in front of me. The point of the sword is a dull and battered one... so I know falling on it is going to feel like sliding down a piece of rebar... I ask the question, if I get this corrected and back to you tomorrow, will we be able to get these in the mail before the 4th of July?... No, not likely... Damnit man... Shit... Well... Sometimes it's not going to be perfect.. and sometimes you need to know when to make the call to hit send and not worry over things that happen to not make it perfect... or you can be late and not show up.

F' it! .... Send it for printing!

I winced a little when I said those words... I knew beyond that stupid FATEHRS Day, shit was on point! On down I slide on top of that rusty piece of rebar as it pops through my gut! Lord I hope people like the content! hahah :) Aint nothing better than finding the confidence to laugh at yourself. :) Enjoy a possible long weekend! and a bomb ass 4th of July. Be safe - eat some bomb ass homemade Sally burgers and don't drink too much alcohol! Happy birthday Amurica!

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