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Pic from a buddy :)

Hot damn!... for reals too...

Since this past Sunday me, the couch, Netflix, and Mr Toilet have been good buddies hanging out all day and night!!! oofta! 

Today is the first day I've been vertical... and like turning on an old truck in the dead of winter... it's a slow crank.. but engine is running... now... before you can drive it, you've gotta let it warm up and just be patient.  Today... that's me. engines on, but not ready to be put to work..  So please forgive the late Friday pic. :)

It's so damn hot out there I figured this awesome picture of some cold mountain air would be appreciated. :)  The pic comes from a good buddy of mine, Krupesh... I love it when I get pictures from friends of mine to add to the collection. As of today the collection is at 885 :)  This being the 66th picture... I've got plenty to still share :)

I hope the picture cools you off :) Have a grateful day and a safe weekend.

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