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Phoenix Real Estate Market August 2021 | VIDEO II

Happy Friday to yas! :)

Months ago I stepped out of my comfort zone and made my first real estate market video.. man! stressful for the perfectionist I am.. But I committed and did it. I had a lot of positive feedback and some readers had great suggestions too! Many of them I've not yet had the time to commit to, but I def plan on it :)

My goal was to not do this every month, nor every quarter.. but enough to keep people abreast of the happenings. Crazy how I start thinking about needing to do an update, people start asking questions, unprovoked questions about what and how.. So as if the universe aligned all thoughts - here I step outside my comfort zone again and deliver another update.

One of the biggest challenges I have in conveying particular info, especially data driven info, is how long to make something. There's a lot out there saying gotta keep it short and sweet, there's only so much time, so on and so forth.. of which I totally get!


I think composers like Mozart, Beethoven, bands like Metallica and Tool have the right philosophy.. if it's good shit, shit that you care about making, care about who's listening, you gotta put in the time. If you listen to musical jams of today, they're rarely 3 minutes long, often redundant in content and when it's a good jam, hitting the sole, you suddenly have to hit repeat because it's over.

Every time I go down this road of creative content and level of care, I'm constantly thinking about that - time. Hot damn! Especially in this Real Estate industry... don't get me started on my opinions of my very own industry! hahah

When I find myself lost on a topic and need to check out YouTube on how to make a repair, figure something out that I kinda know, but don't know, I want to be led through it - make it worth my time bro!, teach me something!

So when I get behind the mic and drop these real estate update beats, I'm gonna love you through it like a band that loves their fans sitting in the crowd chilln or head banging!

(side note, I'll be 40 in 3ish weeks and I've never been to a concert) HAHA!

All that being said friend! :) Below is a link to this month's Phoenix Real Estate market where I talk about how the craziness has boiled over, now appearing like a slowdown, but in fact, the water is still freaking hot.. So let's be cautious, but still be excited for things. This is simply how I am processing our experience while interpreting the data specifically from the MLS.

Lastly, be sure to check your mail! The GUD Team ORANGE Newsletters should be there :)

It's got a really nice detailed market update for both Sellers and Buyers :)

And lastly - likely the most important part of all the newsletters... is my Bayou Bride's hella good barefoot in the kitchen recipes! This month's is stupid delicious! :)

I cannot end this without telling you how immensely I appreciate you - how much WE appreciate you. We don't take your time or granted and most importantly the trust we have earned in communicating with you - it means a lot.

If you think this market video is helpful, please share it with a buddy! And if you have any questions, we are a safe pace to ask them without expectation.

Have a grateful Friday! :)

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