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PHX Real Estate Market April 2021 | VIDEO!!

Good morning friend!! :) Well I did it... After speaking with a mentor of mine she suggested a simple thing to me a few months ago... "try making a video about the market and sharing it with your people".... First thought...

ummmm.. No!...

hard pass!

I do not karaoke, role-play, dance... even at my most inebriated state... a man still has a foundation. how terrifying?! how uncomfortable!!... and just... well.. shit. I'm not ready.

My website's not finished (embarrassed to say so)...




I said the hell with it...

short on time....

no website...

not ready...

no factor.

I am going to be uncomfortable and just commit.

SO I did... and I'm still sweating. HAHHA!

All I knew in my execution of this is that I was going to be real, tell a story with examples as to why... and really just be me in how I would lead a friend or someone I've never met. Compounded by not trying to be salesy-pitchy - buy this shit - we're the best!.. But long enough and real enough to get a real sense for how it is, how we process and most importantly, lead someone through this crazy time. This is my first go - which always has room for improvement... of which I know for a fact that I have room for improvement.. but this was a step in the right direction and I believe you'll never know without giving something a shot. So here I go; failing forward. I hope you find it helpful :)

Please let us know if you found this insightful. It's definitely going to be something I do every other month or so. Looking at my notes I can already see areas that I missed. I really appreciate you! :) Check out this awesome piece of real estate! hahahh! Can you imagine what kind of mansion woulda been built on that if not for the Rock being there?!

Have a grateful weekend!

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