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Once more around the sun


I feel like I was just here... "Last one of 2017"

I could say then that Avin was 12 years old and Tristan was only 7.

Five years in the pan and in a flash, poof! it's gone!


Kinda leaves me short on words.

There are but a few short 40hours left of what was 2022.

As we count the remaining hours we can feel the closing of a chapter in a time once lived. And for many whom I know, there is positivity in the air for the future.

The joy about our short life on this planet is that it only takes 24hours for the sun to rise again. For a new day of possibility, all leaving yesterday in the past.

But! If you're not careful, yesterday will suddenly be five years ago.

My final wish of 2022, is for you my friend.

I wish that when the sun rises tomorrow, that you have the awareness and courage to approach each day as if it's the start of a new year.

If you have the discipline and self care to do that, five years from today will not look like a flash in the pan. Instead, it will be a path of exercised potential reflecting the journey you've been on and the roadmap to where you're headed.

When you think about it, that's some powerful shit!

Make tomorrow count!

Have a grateful and safe new year! :)

Here we go once more around the sun - see you in 2023!

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