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Last one of 2017

Good morning friend :)

Are you off today? Are you on your couch chill'n in anticipation of the final big holiday of the year?  Are you at work?... are you seeing the empty desks or bays where people should be, but they're home chill'n? (reading this very email) haha.. that'd be weird, right?! :) 

I've never been a huge goal writer or a big new years resolution guy... I've personally tried to live the life of starting now and not needing a special day.. or wait until this day, then I'll start doing something... it's "a lot" easier said than done... regardless of my spirit though, a new year always feels nice.. a close on a bomb ass year, or the end of a shitty year.  Either way, it is just another day, but if it is a day that inspires change.. then damn... welcome it :)

One thing I think often gets over looked is a "stop doing list"  So many of us want to start exercising more, start reading, start saving, start_____.  There's something uniquely special about "stop doing"... not like "I'm gonna stop smoking" kind of thinking... but the little crap.. Like, stop hitting the snooze button, stop texting and driving, stop buying last minute impulse buys, stop over eating, stop_____.  For me, I've found that I have a better grasp on where I "don't" want to go, rather than "where" I'm headed.

Conveniently, this removes the stresses of always trying to know exactly where I'm headed.. which we all know - we don't always know, and dammit! life will change and we'll head somewhere else... Talk to a recent college grad and I bet the majority of them have changed.

That being said, this new year, try focusing on "stopping" something.  The mental bandwidth to step into something new, different, harder, ________ is more sapping of energy rather than stopping something, therefore saving that bandwidth for something "organically" new.  Although you may not be focused on where you're going, you'll sure as hell know "I'm not going there!"  If you keep this up, you'll find yourself organically headed in a forward direction, which when you discover where you're headed... you're already running down hill. :)

In the coming days the sun will set on 2017... then rising the next morning in 2018.  I hope that in time you can use this philosophy for any day thereafter and not be confined to a yearly rebirth of yourself.  

Regardless, I hope you're moving forward.... and if you need a buddy to help push you forward, shed some light on something, help period.... Chas and I are here to gratefully give you support. 

Be safe this weekend! 

Much love,

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