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On the road again

Good morning to yas lovely friend :)

I think the universe has a sense of humor... years prior to Avin playing football I just never understood how families could sign up for club sports. The time, money, and travel commitments. Damn.

When high school sports showed up, it was a nice change since our boys didn't express a lot of interest in them. Although I did not play highschool sports, I did know that when we were kids we would drive 30ish min, maybe 40min at best to go to a game.

We didn't have a lot of success in the elementary schools and waited almost three years for the boys to be accepted into a charter school. It was worth the wait! damn it was a nice improvement all around.

Insert football.

Since the school was about half the size of the local public high schools, we no longer had 30ish - 40min games.... Nope. Might as well be club ball! hahah. Damn universe! Avin had a game his freshman year in Yuma. Damn! Yuma! Growing up, my parents rarely, if ever, attended mine or my siblings' events. Not wanting to repeat anything, we hunkered down and made that 2ish hour commute for a 0-77 ass beating... then, drove back home. Hot damn that was exhausting! Rolled in the garage ish around 130-2am.

Fast forward to this year, Avin's junior year. We have two games in Bullhead City. Bullhead borders the Nevada/Arizona border, a bombshell from Laughlin. From our door is a 3hr, 15min drive! ... we went up there the Friday before last for a 22-43 loss. Rather than fight that kind of drive home again, we stayed at a hotel then came back the morning after. Is also why I missed publishing that week's Friday post.

Today, Friday night football... on the road again to Bullhead City, with another hotel stay and a drive back. Damn universe! Although we fear another ass beating, it is nice to get out of the house again. Haven't been out since pre-covid.

That being said, bags are packed and we'out! :)

I dropped Avin off for early morning summertime practice. It was an overcast morning much like today. I went to a handyman job that morning to repair a roof before the storm. It was hella stupid beautiful! Back on the practice field, one of Avin's coaches snagged this picture while the boys were stretching.

Damn!! That's all I can say.


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