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New year... same or different life?

The challenge with a new year is that it will start and end whether we want it to or not; period.

We can put our life on hold and wait for a window of time/days to hold off until the next one is here to want to start over. Just because there is a new year does not mean things will change - it simply gives us a new place to memorialize a moment in time or plan for something not here yet. Similarly to a new year, being selected for a random opportunity to occur, to be awarded a lottery's purse of money will make things better.. no it won't. Bad habits will still take over, bad attitudes will still command bad outcomes of lost opportunities... All of this comes down to choosing "you" and what "you" want to do with "you" - regardless of anything, or more difficult, anyone.

I wanted 2020 to end as much as the next person. There's no shortage of stories on how bad it sucked. What I kept telling myself was that it wasn't an excuse to stop trying and hold out for something new.

You're headed one direction then life happens.. or shit happens... Either you're on pause, crushed ~ or, or, how bout, and... that is life. It will not stop.

What you CAN do is "choose"

Choose to respond differently, choose to think differently, choose to act, choose to be uncomfortable, choose to grow, choose to care, to give, ~ or, and, or, to, do... you have control on you.

Just as important as it is to start something, you need to know when to STOP doing something. I have found that as time has gone on I have a much better understanding of what I am not, what I will not and do not more so than what I am.

So I end with this good friend, rather than have 2021 happen to you...

what are YOU going to have happen to YOU? :)

I am not only talking to you, these are questions I also ask myself regularly. I am not a competitive person, but I have intense expectations and self inflicted competitive standards that I subject myself to about me.

The road we're on is a choice... a choice wrought with unknowns, blind corners, steep hills and fast declines, all aggravatingly filled with potholes of "life" trying to slow us down.. for some, there is no road... it's a path.. one not taken nor explored as we're on our own. This can be incredibly hard - especially as there is no map and just gut.. I have to remind myself that moments of being lost, uncomfortable, uncertain, lonely, vulnerable, all are requirements to making this path my own...

We've all heard the adage "misery loves company"... I don't believe that.

What I can tell you is that EFFORT loves company!!

If you want or need an accountability partner, a buddy, a friend, someone to talk "self-going-through-shit-stories-on-how-you-can become-the-best" - YOU... I've got your back. We've got your back. Please reach out and we'd love to know how we can help.

All the best to you on day one of the undefined 2021!... define yourself, choose yourself!

Always a friend :)

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