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New AZ Real Estate Purchase Contract Feb 2017

Good morning and happy Friday! :)

Boy?!  If we had a beach out here this is probably how it'd look this morning... I guess the view of the street from my office this morning will have to do.

(photographer unknown... I take ZERO credit for this amazing picture)

Arizona Real Estate Market Update: Week 5/2017

February 1st 2017 starts a big change in the purchase contracts; Sellers will no longer be "contractually" required to fix electrical, plumbing, or mechanical items on the home when it's sold.  Homes now are being sold as-is.  Anything and everything is a negotiable fix.  It's a strong barrier of protection for Sellers, which is good.  Just further requires agents to be helpfully thorough when leading both buyers or sellers to avoid contentious inspection periods. 

If there is anything I can help in answering or serving you or someone you know I'm grateful to help.

Have a wonderful Friday :)


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