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Mortgage Lender food for thought

Good morning and a happy beautiful Friday to you :)

I'm short on words today friend.. things have been incredibly busy and feels different than busy.  That's all I can tell you haha.  Maybe I should have chosen a different word than busy.. but none the less, we're grateful to be helping people, regardless of its random overwhelmed'ness it can have.

I stumbled across a really great article about potential buyer's whom are reluctant to inquire about a loan as it will affect their credit.  The article is short, direct, and clear.  For me, it clears the air on such things.  If you know a reluctant buyer be sure to share this with them.. it could calm the heart strings and the uncertainty of lending as they make that initial step to go forward into the unknown.

Things are moving quick out there... sometimes very quick.  We have found that the more prepared people are the better this ride will be.  And if they're not ready, that's ok...  the info provided will expose them to what's possible.  We hope you find it helpful :)

Ah yes... the good stuff :) 

This has been my cell phone background for sometime now.  Love it! 

We hope you have a joyful weekend!  There's a lot out there to be grateful for.. struggle or success... we can learn a lot from either. It's our attitude and spirit that will carry us through both... as both can be equally temporary.. it's just a frame of mind that makes the difference.  So keep your chin up and press on! and for some, make sure your head's not too high in the clouds as there's others below who need a pat on the back.. :)

Till next Friday :)

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