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Moments like this

In the quiet moments of reading words written by a man much wiser than myself, I'm distracted from the educational voice in my head....

Leaves can be seen dashing against the twisted current of the pool as the wind pushes them like boats racing.

Dogs can be heard in the distance, greeting families and their fur-friends.

The trees dance in the motion of the breeze cutting through my handmade blanket, exhausting the warmth within as the flames to my left flick and pop to stay burning.

Padimay squints her furry eyes and sniffs the air as if to periscope up to digest the happenings off in the distance.

Behind me, the workings of a kitchen are orchestrating their tasteful creations of anticipated bliss.

Beyond the sizzle of a pan mixed with tumbling utensils finding their place, my precious bride tells our oldest to "pick up his shit."

It's moments like this that warm my heart of thankfulness on this Thanksgiving morning.

Have a grateful Thanksgiving weekend!

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