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Moment of silence ~

Good morning friend :)

Well... did you see it, did you catch it?... After 128 consecutive weeks, not including black Friday, I did not post.  It felt weird.. like I was ditching work and was waiting for my boss to call and find out.  It was strange.

There's shit that happens in this world and when that happens sometimes you just need to let that sink in, be presently-absent if you will... an odd oxymoron for sure, but if you think about it there are times that's required.  In short days after last Friday, come to find out, close friends and close clients who've become friends, people whom I care about are smack in the middle of life's shit show as well.  Another dear part of our family has a rough weekend, the first of it's kind weekend ahead of them.. RIP G.T. <3

The universe is strange with the unconsciously-predictable timing of things..!?.. not sure, but with all the stuff crammed into this one week window, it made my taking last Friday off feel like it was ok.

I'm still in a mental fog of the entire week and lack the clarity for words today.  I did not want to take today off again as me sharing my thoughts, emotions, whatever you'd like to call it, has become a pillar of how I keep on the path.  Whether it's a finely paved road with crisp striped lines, a washboard dirt road no wider than a small car, or an open field with no path at all... at the end of the day, this decompression of thoughts allows me to rest soundly for the next go ~ wherever that is.  I appreciate you listening.

I hope you have a grateful weekend... a weekend where you can see it through a grateful lens.  There's a lot to be happy for - regardless of how shitty it may smell.  So hold on to that. <3

A close friend of mine noticed that a background picture on my computer has not been shared thus far.  She said she changes the background weekly.  That was a really cool surprise of the outcome from my pictures.  So... to her credit, here's an awesome weekly picture :)

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