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Miss Jane Fisher... my real estate sister :)

Hello and happy Friday :) 

I remember it was a hot ass day a while back.... I think it was on a Tuesday.. yeah, Tuesday... Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 to be exact..  Chas and I were having one of our recovery date lunches at the Cheesecake Factory... recovery being that up until the kids were in school she and I never did date nights without the boys.. just didn't have sitters... today, when the boys are in school, we'll go eat on occasion and like good parents, when they get back from school we'll rub it in their face.. it's awesome! haha


There we are enjoying some grubabge and my phone rings.  I casually pick it up and start having a nice conversation with someone.  She could tell based on the loudness of the call that I was somewhere likely out to lunch and asked if she should call me back.  I told her it wasn't a problem as we had just paid and were wrapping up.

pfff.... ?!... and Chas say's I can't remember anything..hahahaha! :)

As our conversation continued I could feel there was a friendly connection developing... Turns out she was a real estate agent from Wisconsin and was hoping to move out here to Phx with her husband.  Being an agent herself, she was interviewing me... I didn't tell her I had sourdough bread dredged in alfredo sauce when I answered the call... >D... hahah.. nor did she tell me (not till much later) that she wasn't sure about me as I didn't have more than 5 years experience... however she gathered quickly I knew what I was talking about and would be a good help... all in all the interview went well.

Jane is a gentle and confidently spoken lady who's WI accent brings a sense of calm and charm to almost any conversation.  Turns out she wasn't only an agent, she was also responsible for the training of new agents at her brokerage.. so the heart of a teacher just rolled out of her and you could tell she very much enjoyed that.  Which was great for me because she really valued the detail to the hows and what-nots of our Phx market which allowed me to return the favor and teach her as well.  

Jane's ultimate goal in moving to Phx was to start a real estate training business where she could share her almost 25 years experience with other people because her passion is teaching.  She ultimately discovered it would be wiser to rent out here rather than buy, root herself, then buy later.... all of which I was in full support.

As the months went on and the sharing of experiences continued our relationship got tighter.  Although very experienced herself, I love that she was equally open to hearing things I've learned along the way too. She would pop into random open houses to talk with other agents to learn our kind of market/industry, she'd follow-up and call me with questions about this and that...  

and likewise to her!... 

when shit would get gnarly and I was experiencing new things I would call her to vent or ask for help. She was so nice to talk to.. and a few times talked me off the cliff.... metaphorically speaking ;)   As time would go on I would later coin her as my "real estate sister".. she was always there to help in ways that only seasoned wisdom can... I will forever be grateful to her for that wisdom.. 

Jane ultimately got restless and her thirst to learn more became clearer... I remember her telling me "you're probably gonna love me or hate me for this".... "but I want to go get my brokers license"...  she felt being an agent here, she could better serve her future agents/clients in her training biz.  Although I wouldn't be able to help her find her someday home, I was thrilled she found something that she really enjoyed and wanted to do..  Chas and I both fully supported that! :) 

As of a few weeks ago Miss Jane Fisher became a licensed realtor... since she had so much prior experience she was able to become an Associate Broker.. which is a step above a regular agent.  I'm sure you can tell by the gist of the tempo here... she is our newest person to the Orange Homes family. :)  and I wanted to introduce her to you. :)

We are so excited to have such an amazing person be part of our little humble orange family!  It will be so very cool to have her share her 25 years of RE experience with us all the while bridging the gap between WI and AZ... (AZ is funky and the legit wild-wild west)... Additionally and most importantly, it will be amazing to sit back and watch her grow her RE training business as that is what started this all... it is so cool! :) There were four, and now we are five.  Chas, Ryan, Nicole, Josh :) .. and now Jane, my real estate sister :)   Please help us welcome her to our orange family and Arizona :)  Have a grateful Friday friend! Thank you for allowing me to share something so special :)

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