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metal dust = man glitter

Happy Friday! :)

Man! sure feels like summer time out there now! haha  If you're crazy like me, you're probably enjoying it.  Within days the kids will be out of school and then before we know it they'll be back, football will start, and it'll be cold... 

It's been a long while since I was able to start a home project of my own as we've been busy serving our families by finding them new places to call home.  So before it gets too late in the summer I really needed to work on our out door project.

Years ago Chas and I inherited some incredible outdoor furniture from my Grandparents.  I can still remember seeing these exact pieces when I was barely 4 years old... today they're a little more tired than I remember.  Thankfully they are good ol'fashioned American metal! To ensure the plastic straps never fail I decided to add more metal to them. :)  We will be bringing them to a powder coating place and have them all dolled up. 

There 6 chairs, 2 loungers, 1 table, 1 coffee table, and 1 ice-tea rolling table.  

..... I blame Chas's small dogs for destroying the cushions... ​

All the chairs have to be ground down, welded, then sanded down thereafter.  In my shop there's no music just the sounds of the tools.  Knowing these came from my Grandparents I know for a fact my Grampa, my buddy, sat in at least one of them.  :) So as I cradle them and revive them I can see him over my shoulder watching it happen.. I can hear him saying "if I had it to do over again, I would have done.... " 

As someone would gently run their fingers over a fine piece of wooden furniture, quietly feeling the wood grains guide them up and over the curve of the design.  As I am prepping this chairs I am doing the same thing but instead of feeling the grain, I can feel the memories and the conversations had over these chairs.  It's a total honor to bring them back to life... makes the heart smile. :)

The metal dust is so fine that when I took a shower and got out there was rust between my toes... haha the shop is a metal sawdust party. :)  I'll be sure to share pics with you when we're all finished. 


To the good stuff! 

As you know Chas and I and the boys went to California this past week... and in what's becoming a frequent completion between Chas and I... we were competing for awesome pictures. .. and damnit! ... she clearly won this one.... again.  I like to think I was so focused on watching the boys in the ocean rather than taking pictures is why I think mine wasn't as good as hers.... but I won't tell her that. haha :)

Nothing says California beach than this picture :)

Thank you again for your trust to allow me to share our life and the odd's and end's our real estate industry.  It means a lot.  With the temperatures heating up, be sure to watch your babies around the water.

Till next Friday good friend, we're here if you need anything.

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