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Married 16 years, today <3

Good morning overcast Friday :)

Growing up as a kid I never gave a detailed thought as to whom I'd marry.. I knew I would someday, but that's about it..  I did think that I was going to marry my high school sweetheart and that she'd likely be blonde blue eyed... OR, I'd be the last one of my siblings to marry and it'd be me and my Jack Russel Terrier and that'd be it.

As they said in Jurassic Park.. "Life finds a way" .. sure'nuff it did.  

In high school I was not a partier and yet after high school, I met Chas at a party.. she was dark haired, dark eyed and not my high school sweetheart. >D  way off! hahaha   She can remember the day we met and what I was wearing... All I can remember is that I was dating someone and didn't give Chas the time of day.  She actually thought I was a total dick.  Weirder yet, that ex-girlfriend of mine... Chas and I were both in her wedding AND she was there at the birth of Tristan..  

We're not swingers I promise! >D

Chas and I came to know a new group of friends at the same time.  Although she knew a handful of them I was new to the group having just left my not so good high school crowd.  As hangouts and parties would continue we got to know each other better.  Shortly after meeting her I broke up with my girlfriend and was single.

Side note trivia, after my ex, before Chas, I was fooling'ish around with another person within this new group.  She ultimately married my the person whom my ex is married to now. hahah! >D life finds a way. :)

As Chas and I got to know each other we were always with one another.  One night just before my 21st birthday some stuff happened in her family and she ended up crashing at my house.  We both slept in the fetal position... one the foot board and the other at the head board... we woke up sore and blah.  Oddly enough.. she legit never went home after that.

For almost 3 months straight, night after night she would sleep right next to me... never once did I hold her hand, kiss her, nothing.  All we shared was conversation. <3 the beauty of it is that we got to know each other as good friends, close friends.  Ultimately after many months we ended up speaking about each other to our other friends (not in the group friends) that we were each others BF/GF.. in conversation one time we came clean about that with one another and that was that.  We were officially dating.  We have no calendar date, no event to recall other than my youngest brother being born in November.  So from there that's how we back into how long we've been dating/married math.

Ironically as I type this, there's a song playing on Pandora right now, and it's one of the songs Chas and I would listen to over and over (not our song) but was a calm song.  So every time it plays we recall talking and BS'ing at night.

Side trivia... the CD was given to me by my ex, the one I was dating before Chas. >D

Chas met my every need I ever thought about the last person to be in my life.  I felt safe, treated and valued well, I knew she was loyal and strong... and dark haired and dark eyed! of course I wanted to be with her. :)

So that Christmas I gave her a promise ring.. I still remember paying for it too! 

It wasn't too long thereafter when I ultimately proposed to her... and I always feel like a total bad ass recalling this too BTW... haha I asked my awesome Grampa for the ring that was given to him from his mother, if I could use it to propose to Chas - he happily said yes.  Turns out that it was already sized to Chas's finger.  Some how I found my way one day to take her promise ring one night.  We were messing around in bed later that night, I ended up putting the engagement ring on her left hand first, then placed the promise ring on her right hand.... shit got real! and it completely caught her off guard. It was awesome.

We only know the date as to when I did this because she went to work the next day telling everyone.  Many asked... was it before or after midnight?.. why she asked... cause it'd be a horrible April fools day joke >D hahah  

Bad'assery removed.... When we went to pick out her real engagement ring (we kept the diamond from my GP's) I ended up being let go from my job and Chas followed through continuing to make the layaway payments.  This was just before we went down to meet her family in Louisiana for the first time. "Hi.. I'm Josh, I'm going to marry daughter... oh yeah, I'm currently unemployed and she's been paying for everything" HAHAH! 

So a little more than a year or so later we got married on 4/12/03 at Saguaro Ranch Park..  I had grown up down the road from there as a kid and always saw other people do so, so it was cool to be in that spot ourselves.  

Side note trivia.. When we asked her Dad for financial help to pay for the wedding (keep in mind I sold my 1970 Camaro to help pay cash for it) his comment to her was "you don't spend that much money on your first wedding".... DUDE!! WTH man!

Chas being Chas, she wore skater shoes under the dress (this is before it was cool) hahah. My southern-bell of a wife from the Bayou of Louisiana walked down the isle with her Dad and a chicken... it was awesome! hahah.  Afterwards, we went to some other place had beer, lots and lots of beer, and grocery store sub sammie's for the wedding reception party.  Today that place is a retirement/assisted living building... I guess life did find a way. >D

We were the first of our new group of friends to have gotten married... AND have kids.  So although still young at heart, we feel like the old couple now and again.  The super cool thing is that when random strangers see us BS, taunt, poke, prod, and play they spiritedly ask if we just got married... they seem surprised at the length and how silly we act.. these people are usually older than us and have the "oh... newly weds kinda deal"... then when they realize we've been married longer than them, it makes it funnier.  I so much prefer that kind of comment than the ones we've gotten while rocking an open house together.... you can see twinkle in their eye, the grin, the smile... "are you guys brother and sister" >D hahahhaha!  Life DID NOT FIND A WAY! >D

So cheers to an awesome day and to my best'ist friend ever, my'yove.  I heart her guts! 

life did find a way <3

Just this week as I was headed into Sprouts I was walking behind this couple..  I was compelled to take a picture. <3

When I got home I showed it to Chas playfully saying look it's us.. She said yeah when I'm that old that'll probably the only time that I wear skirt... >D hahah I said yeah, you're probably right.. It'll take that long before I wear socks and sandals. 

It is a darling ass picture. <3 something to strive for.

Tristan picked this picture out for the picture of the week. :)

If there is anything Chas and I can do to help make your life or someone else's you know better... we are just a call away.

Have a grateful Friday friend :)

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