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Man I loved shoveling rock!!

Good morning and happy Friday! :)

My dog Bison woke me up at about 4am this morning... as I collect my day, create my checklist for the coming weekend, there's this moment of science in my home... Chas and the boys are asleep... both my office creature and cat are asleep here on my floor... only sounds are my keyboard and the cheeping birds welcoming the the day outside.... takes me back to helping my Grampa work his property in the early, early summer mornings out in the Tucson desert.  I can even smell the special and unique dirt.  All of it followed by hours of shoveling rock, sand, mulch... man I loved shoveling rock. :)  many may think that's a joke, but I seriously do. :) RIP GP!

I hope your Friday morning is welcomed with peace and calm before the day gets under way.

If you or someone you know needs help or a safe place to ask questions... Chas and I are here.

Have a grateful day Friends :)

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