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Love for the furbaby

Growing up in a household of 4 kids (later 6) shit was a full plate for my parents. To add to that, there was a huge love for fur creatures. We always had at least two dogs and as the years continued I think we evolved into having three, maybe even as much as four at once. I really cannot remember... I know, lame. On the surface you see a large dude... I'm 6'2ish, 250-260lbs, my tattoos go from both wrists, up over my shoulders around my back and ends at my chest. I listen to cookie monster rock (can you imagine, "the cookie monster" yelling & singing?.. like that) I have two American Flags outside, own a handgun, lean red, love muscle cars, my truck has a Hemi, I work construction a lot, and have a hairdo like a Marine.. considering all that shit.. you'd think I'd be a dog person... But, no. :) Deep inside my soul, I proudly confess...

I'm a cat dude.

I also cry at commercials and listen to violin music as much or more than the cookie monster rock. ;) So the cat in me keeps me balanced I guess! hahah :) I can't remember how old I was, but I had to be near fourth grade - maybe?... could'a been older, regardless, one day my parents were headed out of Walmart and saw someone giving away "free" kittens... and to our heart filled surprise, they brought home two sisters. We named them Wicket and Cindel, from the movie Ewoks. Not knowing anything really about such creatures, once the sisters got older, they procreated... then procreated some more... hot damn! we had ton-shit of cats at home! In my later years of High School is when we hit our max... Wicket Cindel Toenail Tangerine Marmalade Cornflake Oprah Zeus Baby Marley Hoo-haw ...I think that's it :) I specifically remember naming the unborn litters.. I was learning to drive at the time, and we were on Olive Avenue headed towards the White Tank Mountains. Back then it was the perfect place because you could guarantee there would be no traffic. While driving, I said we should name one "Toenail".. there were no take backs after that! haha! The hard part was choosing which would be bestowed such a name after the litter happened. She would find herself becoming the well known famous cat amongst friends as her name was unforgettable. :) I was very close to Wicket for some reason. She wasn't my cat, but when she died I was a ball of shit for two days. Someone had shot her with a pellet gun while I was in Tucson with my grandparents one summer. Man, that was a rough first go. :( As the universe would have it, one of Wicket's litter would become ma'dude and choose me as his person... His name was Tangerine, we called him Tangi :)

This is one of my favorite pictures. :) In the closet on a shelf where I keep my deodorant, bracelets, loose change, watches, anything that i bring home from a handyman job stuffed in my pockets... that shelf, at the back is this blown up picture of Tangi and my first car, 1970 Camaro Z28, her name was Amber. I just love the simplicity of the moment caught in the picture. :) Tangi was the neighborhood tomcat.. he owned the street and was always getting into fights with other cats. ut at home, he was all love. :)

Me playing the first generation of the Playstation... controller with a cord! crazy! The thing that was cool about Tangi is that he was good with anyone who was ready to give him love.

Even cool with my future bride... Chas and I were only dating at this time of our life :)

Although Tangi was all about being around you, so were the other cats. lol!

[ I made that bed by the way ;) ] All of the cats I grew up with were super cool and sealed the deal with me that cats are my jam. So when Chas and I moved out on our own we stepped into the cat life, but sadly, had no success on dope ass cats. Our first cat was a gift to Chas on her birthday. During that time, Chas was hella sick, so let's bring a cat home while you're feeling shitty. Chas named her Shy... and she was NOT shy! hahah. Total shop cat. I wish I had a picture of her.. but she would hang out in the garage while I was working on things. She would find herself in other people's garages and walk around the block following us... definitely not shy. Sadly one day she would just not come home... and that was that. :( We gave it another go a couple years later. Found this all white, gray tail and just one gray spot, with orange eyes! he was SOOO cool! :) His name was Nismo... (Like Mopar for Dodge, Nismo is for Nissian). Here, Nismo nurses off our dog Cajun... yes, nurses! Cajun developed milk and everything for this cat.

Again, shortly after Tristan was born, Nismo left and never came back. :( To this point in our life we were quite jaded with cats... they all disappeared. :( ​ We promised ourselves that if we ever got another cat, it would be an inside only cat. Shortly before we moved into our new home we decided to try one more time. So we picked up a kitten... free cats were now $35... talk about a price hike! We brought her home and named her Roux. :)

She was a great addition to the home... BUT. she's a total dud! lol! D. U. D.


As time would go on she claimed Avin as her person. She was never much of the lovey dovey type, not much for playing. She just wanted Avin and that was all. While at home she would only wander out in the hallway if she was out of food or water. Other than that, we lived for years with Roux but would always tell people we have like a half cat cause she never came out. We couldn't even make her an outside cat if we wanted to!.. Now that she's older, she is more lovey, but she's still a dud. Roux prefers a life of solitary in Avins room and that's entirely her choice.... dud-cat. This year Chas had been bugging me about another cat, but a special, light to no shedding, hypoallergenic cat, a Bengal cat. I was like BRO! ... we already have 4 dogs and a cat... lord help me... I definitely a product of my parents. hahh! I also told her that you do not want to push me over into getting a cat.. you know me and imacatdude.. [yes, that's a word.. for today at least :) ]... More importantly, I told her I don't even own a tool in my shop that costs as much as one of those special cats. Not happening gangster.

She persisted. Then, as if the universe had been listening, a client of mine had two Bengal cats that were brothers. They were less than a year old and she needed to rehome them for personal reasons. Knowing that I had already been asking her about them, sending pics and other stuff, she hit me up. Then! she said... "It'd be a perfect mothers day present for Chas".


My stupid ass told Chas exactly that! no take backs now. great.

Prior to my shop buddy Bison passing away... RIP shop buddy.. :( In discussion of what's at my house I would say, we have: 4 dogs, 3 cats, 2 boys, and 1 wife, leaving me with 1/2. hahahh! It rolled off with a good laugh for sure. :) All kidding aside, these two assholes are the coolest fricken cats ever! and the best addition to the family. It's like having toddlers in the house.

They both give no shits to anything going on.. and they want in the action. Period.

This one wants to play fetch every morning.



Like a little kid and his blanky.. coined his "B"

This cat, has a banana... also coined his "B" ​​ Dont get me started on anything box related. It's either a seat, or a chew toy.

Once they had the lay of the land, it was time to climb, and explore.. One night Chas and I heard a clank - bang. I went out to investigate but found nothing... until the morning. Turns out in the middle of the night one of these assholes found themselves behind the TV, inside the cavity where all the electronics are held..

they knocked down the resting LED light we use to see what games and other stuff. The giveaway as the TV had a small angle to it, appearing as if some asshole made their way up in there. That's exactly what they did. Or they'll climb up on top of the cabinets.. Or, my leg while I'm on my back trying to stretch out a gud kinda tightness..

To give them something specific to climb on, we had to be those furbaby parents who bought them extra shit... Like a place to really climb on and play king of the hill with each other.. which they do... and also crash and call it a night. This is where they sleep every night.

and if that wasn't good enough, a staircase so they can look outside and see what's up.

Which they use while we're outside, grilling, swimming, or eating at the table.. because they're not allowed on the table... because they want our food... yes, they want everything you're eating. No seriously. god forbid you have a waffle or a piece of bread, he's there for the begging!

Sheesh! talk about royalty!.. they only want to play in the bowl of drinking water, rather than drink it... so, they prefer "fresh!" water... directly from the faucet.

Like Cajun sharing her "teets" for dinner with Nismo, she shares her dinner for dinner with Gumbo.

Cajun is 15 years old in this pic, whereas she was barely even 1 when she was with Nismo. Notice the names? Cajun, Roux, Gumbo, Okra. In Cajun country, they eat a lot of Gumbo (we do for Christmas dinner/lunch).. Gumbo gets its amazing flavor by cooking flour with oil. Of which turns brown and is the key ingredient to pulling it off... that's called Roux. And some people (not me) like the vegetable, Okra, mixed in with it... i think it tastes like ass.. but it made for a cool cat name :) Now you know :) The next animal(s) will likely be named Jose and Jack (tequila and whiskey) hahaha! Aside from them being toddlers, they really just want attention and to be loved on... Which I'm all for bro!

Tristan playing the now fourth generation of the Playstation... notice the wireless controller, with a jack to plug in your head phones into?!?

Yeah... mind boggling for me too?!! ​

I sometimes have to do a double take because Gumbo's colors are so alarming for my Arizona native training.. he looks like a rattlesnake! especially if he's stretched out or coiled up!

It's about 5 days ish until Christmas... and embarrassingly so, the tree is still not up. I think we'll put it up here very soon.. but it will not have any garland or ornaments on it. I don't trust these assholes! ... even with wrapped Christmas presents!.. all the presents will be opened or eaten! it will be interesting for sure. I only trust these guys when they're sleeping!... but even while sleeping they are entertaining to watch... certainly feel the love for the furbaby in this pic!

There's no doubt, and that's a fact! this bitch isacatdude! ... That being said however, with the absence of my shop buddy, Bison, I do miss a big dog being around.... especially when I walk out of the office and run into this kinda shit!


4 dogs, 3 cats, 2 kids, 1 wife, and 1/2 of me! lol! hahah :) Thanks for letting me bring the pets to work! :) We hope you have a grateful weekend and you've got time off from the hustle of life. :) Shit, this is a cute picture! :)

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