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Kidding aside

I had full intentions of sending this on Sunday, not Friday...

I've liquidated all our assets, our home is going to be for sale next week..

And we're moving somewhere to the Midwest.

April fools!! hahah

April fools was really only a thing for me when I was little. I wasn't much of a kidder, but, I sure as shit got pulled along that's for sure.

The funny reality of April fools day, well, more so March 31st is a day that's quietly celebrated in our house. March 31st is when I proposed to Chas. We don't note all the special dates and shit like some newly dating people, not that that's a problem, it's just something we don't do.

The only reason why we know of the 3/31 date in our house is that when I did propose to Chas, she of course told her friends at work the following day. When telling them, they stopped her and asked, was it before or after midnight? Not saying that he did... but, it'd be a terrible April fools joke. LOL!

Every couple years since then we recall that date. :)

All kidding aside though, 3/31/22 marked for 7 years being a licensed realtor. And tomorrow, 4/4/22, Chas will celebrate 5 years. Crazy the changes that have occurred in the recent decade. Prior to real estate, my longest job was only 5 years. Every time before was barely 2 or 3.

Nuts I've made it to 7 on my own!

A buddy of mine who lives on the east coast sent me an awesome picture!

It compelled me to share with another buddy!


Screams Murica! love it!

Enjoy the last part of your weekend! :)

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