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Is it, or...

Is it mist that awakens in the forest morning after a night time rain?


Is it smoke coming from a raging inferno trailblazing through the western hills hellbent on destroying everything in its path?


Is it dust blowing downwind from a family farm, where a blue collar man can be found tilling the rich soil below for the next generation of crops to come?


Is it simply the angle of sunlight that's cutting through the tall trees, spotlighting the walkway before you like street lights on a freeway?

I guess it depends on the person you ask and the mood or mindset they find themselves in.

In absence of smell, taste, touch, or sound, all that's left is what you can see fueled by the wandering thoughts you allow your spirit to go.

I would surmise that it's the perspective you're sending to the universe that shadows down on the unknown path ahead.

What do you see?

Have a grateful weekend!

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