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I'm gonna be late for this

I'm gonna be late for this, but it's worth it.

I lacked the discipline to get out of bed on time this morning. I could feel that I needed more sleep so I turned off my 5AM alarm at 3AM, so I could get up at Chas's alarm near 6. I could tell that whatever I was doing, going to do would throw off my Friday routine... so here I am.

I'm at the point in my career now where I've cranked on the flywheel so hard that it's spinning with little effort. It's spinning so quickly that I often get lost in its motion. This is not a bad thing, this is simply a thing of growth.

I'm finding out that as I get older I have two speeds. Hardcore OFF, or hardcore ON... for the last 5 months I think I've pegged the needle for ON.

In the quiet moments I have in my head, I'm talking to myself about working on changes. The dance is evolving and these kinds of moments I'm feeling are the ones found in the transition of a step, which leads to a stumble.

This stressed out, self inflicted overworked, fear of going backwards shall pass. I'm sleeping less, drinking less caffeine, and find myself wanting a hard drink every time I get home. I've got some changes I'm working on and am eager for... all that said though. I'm still happy, I still feel fulfilled :) and that's what keeps me going... just now, instead of going left, I need to lean towards the right....

it's a dance :)

I just wanted to make sure I sent a friend a vulnerable lead grateful Friday message before I head out to my job today.

You make me feel special. Thank you! :)

Have a grateful weekend!

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