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How times have changed..

Happy first Friday of December friend :)

Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? We did, it was nice and lowkey.. hell, didn't even have turkey. We all decided to punt and do a potluck combination of sorts... we made carnita burritos (shredded pork)... it was hella delish. :) And forgive me for not showing up this past Friday. Black Friday has always been the intentional week off no post Friday.. doesn't help that I missed one just a few weeks prior... but here we are :)

The other day I stumbled upon an old photo of Tristan...

He must have been just barely 2 or so. I was working on stuff from work on my classic particle board shelf which has turned into my portable desk space. It was a time when Chas and I were renting a home, getting our financial life in order and focussing on our little family. I still have that piece of wood and use it every so often - but not as much as I used to now that I work from home. Every now and again I like to pull it out simply due to the history. I have a hand print of Avin's small hand traced on it, I can't tell you how many times Tristan has played legos on it too.

The headphones T is wearing were a nice high dollar pair I bought for the day job. I worked in an open cube environment and I'm way to ADD to pay attention to anything, so these were a total life saver.

Fast forward to where we are now... I work from home, in a home we own now, I can shut my door and work from my own desk desk.. one that I built no less.. My space is filled with my cars, optimus prime, my dog sprawled out like a speed bump from hell, as I try and get things done, TRISTAN comes in and needs me to sign his daily agenda, afterwards, my oldest AVIN comes in to put on his shoes while we BS about how bad the Cowboys played last night...

When I get stressed out with stuff that I need to do I oftentimes force myself to slow down and focus on the moment. My boy's won't always be home to come in and bug me nor will my big ass dog always be here to just be here... licking his paw or his ass... man it's annoying! HA! but... it'll be short lived someday looking back. Looking back where I'm at now, years ago I would never have seen any of this coming or happening.

Shittier yet on how time moves beyond our control, one morning I was putting stuff together and just stopped and watched Tristan eat his breakfast.... how times have changed.. this is our new version of watching cartoons in the morning... tablet, headphones, and youtube. I stayed there and soaked it up.

I took this picture to always remember the moment, but also share with my friend here at a later time.. It wasn't until I found the old picture of him did I want to share this... it's the same damn headphones from 7 years ago. damn.

I'm sure in the coming years I will have more moments like this, for now though, that's the reality of our time and I hope to remember as much as possible. :) All things to be grateful for <3

When Tristan popped back in to collect his school agenda I asked him what weekly picture we should use for today's grateful post... Without missing a beat he chose the snowy mountain. :)

Have a wonderful and memorable weekend! Get that tree up and enjoy what time we have on this planet... and if you can capture it, do so. :)

Chas and I here if you need anything. :)

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