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Happy Real Estate Bday - CHAS!

Happy GUD Friday to you my wonderful friend :)

Not sure when things changed out there, but when we were kids, Good Friday and the Monday following Easter were always a school day for us... but something happened in the system where the kids of today would be granted a cool ass four day weekend... LUCKY! haha

When I got into real estate it was at the encouragement and support of my Chas... although she did not go to school for me, she did support those crazy efforts in me trying to pull it off. I believe that the level of "Southern Hospitality" I have come to fully embrace in my daily purpose came from my southern bayou bell... I think it was that kind of embodiment that allowed me to take those stressful steps. Here on Wednesday I celebrated my 6 year in the biz... given how short the burn is for many agents, I'm happy to be in my 7th year now :)

Once I got into the biz, Chas would pal around with me going to appts and showings. Although she couldn't operate as an agent, she clicked well with people and served them through me. She expressed interest in the real estate world but lacked the confidence to sign up...

So.. in a typical supportive way that I roll... one morning I was like we're going to go register you for real estate school. It caught her off guard - it was awesome! hahah

Chas has never been the school type, read a book, school work, blah blah... she gets in her rants sometimes about even needing to do our continued education work. I find it funny to watch. Like a cute temper tantrum where she just needs to run her mouth even though she knows she has to do it..

So, begrudgingly and excitedly she went to school and made it happen. It was not an easy go at the test taking - cause she hates tests, and studying, and school, and... haha! "just show me how to do it!" she says haha.

I remember her coming home from her test taking exhausted and defeated... school testing was a bit less stressful, but shitty nonetheless... 90 hours of schooling over an almost 6 month deal... shit bro! ... it's a pain in the ass!

When it comes tp the state and national testing... dude! what a shit show! Stressful as-F!!! .. after a couple failed attempts at a closer state/national testing center I encouraged her to drive to B-F-E downtown where I called out of work to go do my testing...

Oh yeah, Chas hates long ass drives into town along with school! hahah

The location was far more chill of an environment but much further of a drive. Everyone who's on our team now all have tested at that location and all have passed the test there too. :)

When she came home later that day she did not call me at all... I was stressn knowing how long it had been (took my bitch ass 5 hours for the test?!?!?) So I knew all too well how bad it sucked.. She rolled into the house defeated... so was I just hearing her.. I was already trying to psych myself up as I had a showing from a Zillow call (F Zillow btw!) ((different day for a different rant)) hahah

She in a passive nonchalant way told me she passed the test and was legit now... didn't help that I was working my way out the door so I couldn't enjoy the moment.. but man! as I was leaving for my showing appt I was on cloud nine!!! I was so thrilled and excited for her! :) like stupid jacked and happy! So here we are... on Easter Sunday it will be 4 years for her. Although her role as a mom usually always comes first and real estate second, she's better at this real estate deal than she thinks she is. She doesn't need to be a super organized, sales calling, closing mo-fo.. nope, she has the heart and ethical backbone of a good person... all that mixed with her natural southern charm and awareness for others.. so that makes her really good at what she does. I often tell her that she will be better at this job than me someday. :) She's still working on her sea legs.. the double life of mom and realtor make it hard to practice the craft all the time, but she's getting there. If I had a picture of her working I'd share it... but I don't... and If I did, it'd be one she'd not like at all... but the best pics I can get of her are when she's sleeping.

I got home super late the other night from a 12hr handyman day... it must have been about 9pm when I sat down. She was already working her way out to fading into the night.. as I sat there, everyone, including the army of dogs we have at home were also asleep... In front of me, there's my realtor wife being a mom with our youngest Tristan (rocking a team orange shirt btw) asleep on the couch. After I took this pic, I put my phone down and was there for the moment, to be in the moment soaking it up. Happy real estate bday Chas! You're good at it, and you're an even better Mom! :) We hope you have a GUD Friday and an amazing Easter weekend! :)

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1 Comment

Cp Complete Care Cleaning
Cp Complete Care Cleaning
Jun 30, 2021

She is pretty great! She has a heart of gold for sure. Wonderful mother!

P.S. I can totally see her going off about things that she thinks are unnecessary haha.

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