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Happy Birthday Amurica!

Happy Friday friend :)

Well! In the school books they told us that July 4th is America's birthday! Meanwhile the history books, as always, tell us otherwise.  Regardless, as far as I'm concerned, it's Amurica's Birthday tomorrow!  

Not that I wasn't a patriot as a child or younger adult, however, as time has gone on I have become much more of a patriot.  Might be why I like Optimus Prime so much.. hahah! he's all red white and blue! :) 

No matter how the media casts an ill light on our country with its challenges, leadership, so on and so forth, I still wouldn't call any other place home but here.  I have two flags out front of my home, two on my truck, and at least one on every business card, marketing, anything of each of our businesses.   The star spangled banner gives me chills every single time I hear it.. and sometimes becomes an earworm in my head I can't shake... but I'm good for it. :)

In the coming year I plan to update my right arm's tattoo with an American Flag intertwined through what's already there.  It'll be full of those red, white and blue colors.  I'm excited for that! :) 

I just wanted to wish you a wonderful July 4th weekend. We have a lot to be thankful for and grateful for! Hug your family, love your babies, be nice to your neighbor, thank a vet, and high five your best friends! 

Sending you high fives from here! 

Be safe!   

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