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Happy Birthday America! :)

Good morning dear friend :)

Well?! does it feel like a half'assed work week to you?  It's always so nice when the few big holidays kick the week in the middle of the pants and it gives you a super long weekend... because who wants to come back after having Thursday off - just to work an extra day then have the weekend... duh! I mean they do have black Friday, don't come back to work on Friday for a reason.  We'll call this red-white-blue Friday instead ;)

In the world before real estate these kind's of weeks would be unconsciously filled with chilliage... and on the other side, I had friends and co-workers whom didn't have that luxury and had to work.. I was there more than a handful of times myself... Now being self employed I can pick those days off and on.  Being able to make your own schedule is definitely a double edged sword.  Yes you can take a day off, sure... but what is that gonna cost you in the long run?... stress alone will keep you hustling.

That aside however :)  Here I write a grateful Friday email days early on a Wednesday.. I wanted to make sure I sent this on a day you would be half'assing it like everyone else and had a moment to read sumptn. :)

One of my favorite things about the 4th of July is recognizing the courage it took to make a stand and separate ourselves from something we did not like.  We knew that there could be better opportunities if we could control the reigns a little bit ourselves.. much like making one's own schedule.  A group of men stood up and figuratively signed away their lives creating a game plan for the future... a game plan that would come at a cost, however, it paid off in the long run.

I believe that everyone has a choice - especially in America.  Although our perspective's might be different, or some may and will feel oppressed at times.. however, more so than anywhere else on our wonderful planet, we American's have something special.  We have the luxury of having hot water at our beck and call... we have, for the most part, a safe place to live.  No one is going to come take our house, our freedoms willy-nilly.... we're aloud to not like who's driving our national bus, we're even aloud to bitch about it publicly - hell, even write about our dislikes or frustrations about that person and not be thrown in jail or even killed... I don't care who's driving either way... I'm drawing a point that such a freedom to do that is pretty awesome right there! 

All great things have their shortcomings.. there's no doubt about it at all.  I like to see it as if no one was talking about their national frustrations or concerns... there'd be a problem.  No different than doing something you've never done, becoming someone you've only thought about... being special, taking opportunities, defining your life - although maybe different from others opinions - but! none the less, getting after it.  Some people are going to run their mouth about what's happening.  So goes it for America.  We are something special.

We have the literal rights, hell, entitled rights to become someone or something.. you are welcomed to be empowered.  This doesn't take away the people or rules that will get in the way of where we're headed.. no not at all... shit's gonna suck for a while... especially if you're trying to make a difference in yourself or something. However, no one can take away an idea or your empowered spirit... that is what our Founding Fathers set out to make happen.  They chose to be empowered and not accept a lesser life than what any person should have. (ignoring slavery, women's lack of rights.. all the other things we've grown from hahah)

So this weekend as you're biting into your hot dog, crushing a can of Bud or cowboy piss.. uhem! I mean Coors >D or hell, even a cup of clean water.. while you are being you just think about what opportunities you are aloud to take this weekend.. what freedoms you have, or what freedoms/opportunities are you NOT taking?!... Being from America makes us so unequivocally special.. not an arrogant special, but a prideful kind of special.  I hope you can recognize where you are and know you have the freedom to make a change in yourself, to start something, to become something, to do _______________, to become _______________... you can. :) 

Happy birthday America! This bud's for you! 

We hope you have a safe and awesome weekend.  Although we'll be enjoying the weekend, there will be quiet moments of sharpening one's sword, and most importantly, serving our people.  If you have a question or need help with a life decision, Chas and I are just a call away.  This is a safe place :)

Have a grateful holiday weekend :)

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