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Happy 18 Avin!

Good evening this evening! You'd think I could be a little more on it since it's the first Friday, now Sunday of 2023... Nope! Gotta keep you on them toes! Friday was actually Avin's 18th bday. It's hard to believe that he is 18 now. Come April, Chas and I will have been married 20 years. Now that is a pretty cool thing, but there's no measure of what that time looks like. But when you look at your kid, then process the reality


Time has made its decision to just go as fast as it wants to. To celebrate such a thing I figured me digging up as many birthday pictures as I could, I would. Avin was born Jan 6, 2005... and as much as he'd like to not believe it, pictures were still taken with a camera - not attached to the phone. In addition to that, the phones that came about years later didn't have the best storage of picture history like they do today. That being said, I will start this montage in 2012... when that small asshole was still small and smiled. :) HAHA!

In 2019, Avin was in 8th grade... he was too cool to have his pic taken. In 2020, his Nanna would pass away just 4 days before his birthday. We did not take many pictures that year. RIP Nanna

HAHAHAH! Gosh damn! I cannot help but laugh when I see this picture! He looks like such a punk!! In my hunting for pictures this weekend, this was a gem that I found... taken Jan 4, 2014... Who knew he'd turn into a non smiling 18 year old mo-fo!

Happy 18 Avin! Welcome to adulthood! :) Right now there are 1,039 background pictures I have saved. I just sorted them all by date... and in all of those 1,039 pictures, ONLY ONE of them was saved on January 6.... lots of 1/3, 1/7... but just one is on 1/6 So that makes this week's picture :) Bow Valley... saved Jan 6, 2015 :) Have a grateful weekend!

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