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Gratitude vs Stress

The days go by in flash, the seconds tick by in a blink, yet the stresses can feel like forever. When forever refuses to stop, at some point you'll be shocked at how much time you've empowered the stress to burn the minutes of your life.

For the first time in a long time, the noise of life's anxiety has become quieter. The uncontrollable reality of life is still there, however it's the reflections of gratitude that pacifies the stressful moments. It gives clarity to the only thing that we ultimately have control over...

it's how we respond to them.

The introspection has given me the ability to see through the smoke to these stresses...

I've asked for them.

It's like trying to drive while pressing the brake at the same time... there will be incredible friction with zero traction... it's going to be stressful, hard to control, impossible to see, all with the risk of breaking something.

Simply focusing on the things to be grateful for lifts the foot off the brake. It slows the stressfully inhibited rampant mind allowing gratitude to ease the friction of life, accelerating the ability to take action.

The smoke has cleared...

the tires are now hot...

and the engine is warmed up...

it's go time! :)

Have a grateful weekend friend!! :)

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