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Grateful, Selfless, Patience

Good morning and happy Friday friend :)

I hope the summer time is treating you well.  I know the kids are in their mid point of time off and have hit the total, I'm lazy with everything life status, haha.  Working from home is difficult during the summers due to the kids being home.  Everyday might as well be a Friday... takes a lot of self discipline... being one to have fun in life, I work hard in not letting that get the best of me. :) often times it's like the tide.. comes in, comes out... lazy, work, lazy work... sometimes the tide stays away and I've fought it.. but then, damnit.. there was a good movie or video game got the best of me. >D

I like to think in my life before real estate I was a kind hearted person with good intentions... as time goes on and I get deeper into helping people, I feel, it requires a lot more of that to survive the demands of this service based job... someone once said, "looking for someone with good emotional fitness"... ever since then, that's stayed with me... couldn't be further from the truth..

These three words have become a building block of what I'm feeling my life's foundation to be built on.... there are so many out there, but these three keep coming into front of mind... Selfless, Grateful, and Patience... over and over they're further ingrained into my being... grounding to say the least...

With a little self-discipline and consistency damn near anything in life is achievable with those three above...

Selfless.. .man... that could be used in almost anything... that's not to say that you cannot take care of yourself and only have to serve others... the pilot and flight attendants tell you that you must put on your mask first before helping others... I see that for life too.  Once your mask is on... once your 4 walls in life are covered... once you have enough... man... go help someone. give to someone. be there to take the hit from the bus for someone... when nothing can happen, be the one who can give, give without expectation... for the betterment of others... this keeps me focused on others... 

Grateful... boy.. this is a big one.  this is different than being thankful... thankful is a form a gratitude.. but more pleased and relieved... grateful on the other had is that compounded by appreciation and kindness... more so an action than a feeling... for me at least, it's truly an action fueled by being thankful... there's the adage, words are only so much, but action and effort make the difference.  I believe others feel the gratefulness one evokes... when it's coming from the heart, it can be contagious. 

Patience.... the quiet deeply rooted one here... could be applied towards anything.  Having the ability to wait for something, put the time into something... make it blossom... slow and steady... no matter how many times I read the tortuous and the hare.. that damn tortuous wins every. single. time.  This goes beyond the depths of waiting for something... it also has a huge impact on helping others... we all have our limits... but just as we can condition ourselves through self discipline and get better... the other is being patient.  I believe patience is an exercised trait that gets better with time... when you're helping others, leading others... you must be patient.  I have to remind myself of this especially as a parent... we teach our kids how to walk, patience... we teach them how to use the bathroom... super patience... but once they're peeing and walking... I forget the other parts of their life as they grow older... they need similar guidance... and therefore requires more patience.  At the same time... when I look inside at myself... I need to be patient on me, for me... especially if I'm doing something new, uncomfortable, demanding, scary... be patient... it, will, happen.

For me, all of this awareness makes helping families and people make better decisions - for themselves... being patient enough to let them fall and stumble... but be there selflessly to help them up again, to unconsciously burden one's self with their fears, hopes, and dreams... to temporarily take that away so they can focus on being their best... doing this all while being grateful they asked you to help in the first place.  This is not easy and when things get stressful.. stressful like helping an injured animal... you. are. going. to. get. bit..... and it hurts... and as shitty as it times that's part of it... but when I see and process these words in the stresses of life.. for me.. they're like angels on my shoulders keeping me going and allows me to sleep soundly at night. 

I'm thankful someone put words to these feelings and actions to be pulled from like a craftsman uses good tools. <3  these foundational words along with some others sprinkled in keep me going. 

The picture is almost hypnotic :) This passionate delivery of thought was a long hearted one...  thank you for giving your time to read my emotions and feelings.  I hope these words can impact your life the way they have mine. Have a safe weekend :)

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