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Exciting News! Chas=Realtor! :)

Good morning and happy Good Friday!! :)

I'm sure you all have those moments or dates in your life you will never forget... this past week I added one to my life.  On 4/4/2017 my most awesome incredible wife Chas became a licensed Real Estate Agent.

​The last time I felt this happy and excited for her was when we became pregnant with our youngest son Tristan.  I'm truly incredibly happy for her.  I have never seen her commit so hard to something.  I'm so proud of her.  She is going to bring a level of excellence to our growing team in a way that I cannot.  She is undoubtedly the yin/yang balance.  I've copied her to this email should anyone want to give her a high five! :)

I've got nothing more to say than have an incredible Easter!! and have a grateful weekend.  If any of you need anything, WE are here to help you :) 

In honor of Chas's accomplishment... the pic... the road to somewhere :) :) 

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