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Effort... avin.

Good morning Friend :)

I hope that this week has been good to you.  This week has been packed full! Both in serving our people and also the boys too.  

I'm not a big sports guy and neither are our boys, but this week Avin (our oldest) had the opportunity to try out for flag football.  We didn't suggest he try out and we didn't push back when he asked to.  We openly supported him and under his own level of commitment he went out and did it.  I talked to him a little bit about it this morning and asked how he'll feel if he doesn't make ti, he said, I'll be ok.  I just really wanted to try it... and that was it.  It wasn't that he said it in a I don't really care, but as much as, "I tried" and that's important to me, period.

Sitting back watching your kid go from kid to growing adult and be vulnerable and try at something.. for me, as his Dad... it was a very proud moment for me.  He was helping someone through her tryouts and she was complaining that she was sore.. his response to her in support was that, if you're not sore, you didn't try hard enough.. damn! whether he came up with that or not, it couldn't have been a better thing to say.  I was very proud. :)

I can only hope as the years go by he can sustain the willingness to try and be ok failing, failing forward.  So many people we know are gun shy on something that they forever wish the did but lacked the vulnerable courage to try.  I guess a way to look at it is through the eyes of a child and just commit.  Win or lose, I tried. :)  although far, far easier said than done... but if it doesn't kill you physically or hurt someone else.. you'll grow from it one way or another. :) Whether he gets on the team or not, he's happy with himself. :)  His Mom and I are super happy for him. :)

Now, to what makes Friday so special :)  Nothing symbolizes trying and failing forward like the Olympics.. Here's an awesome picture from old world Germany. This picture is nothing short of intimidating.. :) haha! much like trying something you've never done before. :)

I hope this weekend you can step outside your comfort zone and do something you've never done before. :)  If you want someone to bounce an idea off or encourage you to take that personal leap of faith... Chas and I are just a phone call away. :) Have a grateful Friday :)

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