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Driving in 3rd Gear

Good morning.. a-hem! afternoon! haha! 

DAMN! that's all I have to say.... ever had one of those weeks where you feel like your flying around the street in 3rd gear driving about 68 miles an hour... which means as soon as you tap the gas pedal you skyrocket to like 90 miles an hour?! well... yup! that's this week for us! haha

It's been a white knuckle and random hand sweating.. should'a worn gloves kinda driving.

BUT! It's kinda fun though too! all things being said, it's been quite a week and I'm grateful to have such a full plate.  Just kinda throws off my Friday routine... I did however have some pizza and a beer at 9am for some creative inspiration. Yesterday ended really late and I had only eaten once that day.. so I had some recovery to do! haha :)

Enough about me! Let's do this! :)

I was trying to find a theme for my rampant week.. and well.. this is what I had! haha! It is one of two car pics in my entire 800 collection.

But! to be legitimately scenic for the Friday picture of the week, this one is better... it's just above Eleanor here in my collection and it probably describes the week better... at least the close of the week... a clearing after the storm.. sun is coming out.. planes are tied down and grounded... nothing but the wind on your face and the smell of AV gas in the air... .. mm... K-lisk! a fresh beer to enjoy the sunset.  :)

I grew up on the air fields with my GP... that's him in the clouds above smiling :) rain+AV gas... couldn't be better :)

Nothing serious here :)  We hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend! If you need anything this weekend and would like to help slam my car into 2nd gear... I'm down! haha :) Chas probably not so much.

We're here if you need anything. :)

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