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Distracted feelings

Happy overcast Friday to you friend.

Have you ever worked for a company where you liked showing up every day, even on the weekends if needed? You're one who got along well with everyone, worked late when asked, did unique random tasks that others wouldn't or couldn't do.. it's a place where you had a really nice chair and the upgraded monitors - like you had earned those treats for your work environment and it made you feel special? :) it's a job where that while at home preparing for the next day of work, putting your head down to go to bed, you knew that in your heart you were good employee?

Have you had that before? - it's a wonderful feeling.

Have you ever shown up to work ready to continue hammering on the project you had been asked to do but weren't quite finished, and while getting ready to start again, chipper and happy, you get called into your managers office where they surprisingly inform you that your services are not longer needed, and asked that you have your desk packed up before lunch, because the new person will be there after lunch?

It happened to me... last night :(

After serving a realtor client for many years over multiple transactions, serving their children and close friends for multiple transactions, I was suddenly informed last night that they would no longer be needing our services in helping them list the home we bought them as they have found another realtor and their listing will be live next week. The reasoning was that they wanted to hit the market super aggressive and didn't want to risk the relationship with the expectations.

Am I complaining?.. yeah, probably. However, the feeling behind these words, the ones coming from my heart, I feel like I'm crying into my pillow right now...

shit hurts.

In a selfless spirit all I could say was that I'm bummed we couldn't' help them again and wished them well.

That's it.

Those feelings are still pouring out of me as I collect my thoughts while my fingers miss-type the keyboard due to the anxiety I'm processing... all of which has distracted thoughts flowing through my veins between my heart and head.

I'm just not all there this morning. I simply needed to put my feelings on paper.

I have a mind for business and strategic thinking, but I'm all heart. I have the emotional fitness and bandwidth to lead you in the dark, and if necessary, will sacrifice myself so you get to where you need to go. I will also have the courage to tell you something you don't want to hear, but it will be a safe landing when I lead you from the clouds down to earth.

If you or someone you know is hiring right now, I'd love an opportunity to share my thoughts and give them my heart.

My phone number 602-708-4946 and would be grateful.

This picture reminds me of an exploding heart in a thunderstorm... but there are clear sky's beyond... I will be ok.

Have a wonderful weekend my friend. <3

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