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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

I write to you this morning as a grown ass 37 year old man.  Of all my years on this planet I've never written to you, until today.  

As I sit here and compose my thoughts to you I look outside my office window.  I can hear the rumble of my neighbors throaty Toyota Tundra.. heat from the exhaust makes a smoke like cloud as it contacts the cold air.  The sun is coming up right now... there's an pink-purple like fire in the sky.  As the suns rays heat up it creates a gentle wind and bounces the pygmy palm outside my window.  I can see the leaves shadow and flicker the lighted Angle signing to the West as my palm tree to the left dances to her and waves with the wind as one.  Highlighted by the morning rays of light my American Flag oversees my yard and home, bringing a warmth that only a mothers blanket can provide.

This is my morning...

I can only imagine what your morning looks like... or what must be going through your head as you prepare for the coming days..... I'm certain you got up this morning, kissed Mrs Clause and went on your way to work.

Once outside, you work your way to your old red 70's Chevy truck gently parked under a covered canopy.  The door creaks as it fights the cold morning to open and is quickly shut as if to keep the heat from escaping.  The Christmas themed coffee cup is placed to your right.  A slight drip of a first sip cascades down the painted face of the Grinch.. steam billows from the cup, just above his head.. he looks madly pissed right now.. You sit for a minute.. it's cold, quiet.. the sun is creeping up now.. . with a twinkle in your eye you brush the drip away with your thumb... a small feeling of flattered joy comes over you. The Grinch looks happy now.  As you adjust yourself to get comfortable, the key is in the ignition and although cold as hell, like a moment of magic, she fired right up... old red has a similar throaty sound to my neighbors Tundra.. however it has the sound and tinning that only one with wisdom would have.

and you're on your way to work...

I know you've been preparing for this coming Christmas Tuesday for almost a year now.. however I bet there's a sense of prepared calmness over you.  The drive into work isn't like it used to be.. With the quiet drive in you're likely reminiscing of the way it was back in the day..  Today, Amazon, Walmart, UPS, FedEx have made your life SO much easier... and let's not talk about the Elf on the Shelf... what a brilliant idea!! At the heart of it you're an entrepreneur and I've got a lot of respect for you.  

With those systems in place I'm sure that the coming days are relaxing and nostalgic... sure you've got some public appearances to make, but this final week is probably all about you.  Once you make it up to the North Pole & Co. there's a worn out parking spot at the top of the hill.  Your office/cabin faces East so you can get all the free morning sun.. just to the right of your parking spot is your reindeer hangar.  Although animals, I bet it smells like aircraft fuel and gear/motor parts in there.  

While in that hangar there's probably tons of light beaming throughout, the high ceilings make for a cavern-ness feeling.  Rudolf patiently sits at the foot of the sleigh like a loyal dog.  He's an ear dude... while scratching his head and rubbing his ear, he lays his head into your hand begging for more.  While he playfully grown's in relaxation you look at the war-ton scratches on the sled.  Like scars from another time, each with their own stories of success and some scary ones.. you're taken back to a life once lived.

I know you've also kept it quiet too, Rudolf isn't really that much of a wuss either.  He leads that team of other deer like a selfless commanding officer... you're secret is safe with me... ;) 

You're so happy you replaced that incandescent nose with that LED.. That red LED bulb on his face has many many more hours left and you're happy it's color changing cause it's a real pain in the ass sledding under red light.

I can see it now...

I know times have changed and you have systems in place, processes established, and people to help delegate too... your plate isn't what it once was... and as it should.. you've made it.  However, I know there's a special magic that only you have - regardless of the people working for you.  A wishful ability that only a genie of sorts could obtain...

I'm not a toy guy or a tangible present kind of person, Santa... but I would like to share a few of my wishes with you to ponder.  I know that I am not a saint by all means, but I'd gratefully appreciate your wisdom and help with my wishes...

I wish that this Christmas people can slow down and embrace the real meaning of such a holiday... it's the health and safety to all whom we know and hold dear, not the stuff...

The soldiers whom are not with their families, the police officers, nurses, firemen, first resonders.. those whom are not with their family but are there to protect us and save us in a time of need, please give them peace and joy.

Please continue to give me the endurance to keep my head and spirit up high as I continue to provide for my family, to try new things, fail at new things.. to lead my family and my team selflessly and with a grateful spirit.

Please continue to give me the strength and courage to not let my failures go to my heart and my successes go to my head...

and lastly, Santa... please continue to pass along the random Christmas miracles that are needed throughout the world... we need all the advantages we can get.

I never really looked at how important your role is, Santa... a week before the year's end.. all before so many people attempt to change their lives after the first of the year.. you're a distraction to the reality of stresses in our lives.. you nurture our young babies with the excitement of presents while knowing we need to stop and take care of others... you've got a full plate and I respect you for that.. thank you. 

I hope you enjoy your quiet sleigh rides as we near the big day.  I can see your view now.. deer in front... the sound of the leather reigns in your tight grip... the woosh of the air as it cuts past your ear, cold wind pounding on your face, but the warm of the sun making it peaceful.. I can see it now.. be safe my good man. :)

Until next next year Santa,

Have a Merry Christmas,


-Josh :)

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