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Chill'n on der beach

Good morning everyone :)

It's Friday... so why not have it be a "Thank God it's Friday" image right?  hahaha... it sure looks damn peaceful.  but honestly... would you, could you just sit here eyes closed... I mean, sure that sounds chill... but, would your time be better spent participating in something? maybe like sitting on the beach looking?  haha.. reminds me of when I was a kid - hell I still do this... :)  go into a public bathroom and in that personal moment to myself I think... you know.. I could be anywhere in the country right now and would never know it. there are no windows, always unique smells, and nothing but florescent/LED lighting..  I could truly be anywhere but here.  I think laying here basking in the sun eyes closed, could be the same kinda thing. might be just me I guess - probably is a me thing. haha :)

bomb ass pic none the less though :) it is certainly worth changing you background pic for the day or the week till next week.. it's a window to calmness.  be sure to send to a friend so they too can enjoy it. :)

If there is anything I can help you or someone you know, I'm grateful to do so. 


(photographer unknown... I take ZERO credit for this awesome picture)

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