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Can't sleep..

Happy early ass Saturday morning to you :)

I thought it was a fluke yesterday when I woke up at 2am... lately the dogs have been getting up between 1:45AM and 2:30AM... everyday now for weeks. I'm not sure if it's cause they're getting older and need it, or they're just thirsty.. or just... shit, I don't know.. all I can tell you is that it's hella frustrating.

Chas pretty much sleeps through the needs of the dogs and I pretty much sleep through the needs of the boys. As soon as I hear the clanking of the dog feet over the tile I'm up waiting to hear someone piss on the floor. I remember one night that happened exactly as one could hear... yup! that's the sound of dog piss on the carpet.. dude! .... sends the blood pressure up hearing the clank, clank, clank!

Yesterday I had the alarm set for 4:30AM... I was ready to get after it in the morning because the amount of office, marketing, real estate life has hit an all time demand. I was ready!... but shit for luck... I couldn't sleep... compounded by the fur creatures clanking on the floor... as soon as I calmed down enough to let them out, wait for them, let them back inside, now rest in bed, my head was racing... just as I was about to say F-it! and get up.. suddenly I was out like a kid sleeping in their parents bed. (at least my kids)

Shit! now it's 6:45AM.... all that goes through my head is the scene from Dumb and Dumber..

I know it's funny.. especially as you can really hear him say it. HA.. but shit man. Can you imagine what I could have accomplished had I just committed and dealt with the delay of sleep?.. I would have guaranteed I would have just passed the hell out the next night.

Well... here I am again. Like a baby needing a dessert drink from the mommy milk truck!.. the damn dogs got up again.. my stupid head pretty much predicted it. The large alarm clock next to my bed (cause I'm blind as shit without contacts and can't see the actual "alarming" clock on the dresser) said 1:45AM... alright! ...they're still sleeping.. 2:05AM... nope!

Chas said F-it and got up and let them out. I could tell she wasn't coming back and would chill on the couch in the living room.. I lay there thinking shit... again. I gave it until 2:30AM and said nope! not today...

Made some coffee, waited for the computer to wake up and thought... now... I've got till 8:30AM before I need to go pick up some shit from a storage unit and do that crap all day...

oh yeah, I was too gassed to do a Friday grateful message... better get after it now!..

so here I am bitch'n to a friend. haha!

I had full intentions of giving a nice breakdown of the real estate market.. but right at the moment I'm lacking the processing brain cells for that regurgitation of data.. so in an effort to still bring something to the table I have attached a nice PDF from the MLS that covers it all quite well. I did read the whole thing prior to this 1 hour morning rant.

I'll get after it! Just a bump in the road!

In light of my topic here I couldn't think of a better picture for the day... A night time picture from the City that never sleeps.

Have a grateful weekend! sleep or no sleep, there's a lot to be thankful for!

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