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But, did you earn it?

In today's busy as hell world we live in, it's easy to find yourself smoked at the end of the day.  Aside from the day-to-day commitments we have, just think about all the ways someone can now get ahold of you:





Facebook Messenger

Google Business Messenger

Google Chat

Instagram DM's




Oh, and phone calls!!

and a bazillion other social webs I didn't list above...

I cannot recall a time in my life, shit, the world, that we were so damn connected and committed to things that really just aren't that important.  

Where is the off button?

When you're done with the day, when you're ready to do nothing for yourself, did you earn it?

But really, did you earn it?

The snake hiding in the grass is complacency.  After all the things I mentioned above, how can one qualify if they earned the moment to do nothing.  All things prior to earning it are likely busy work that feels like work, and feels like earning it... but did you really earn it?

Lately when I find myself slipping into the bear trap of complacency I have to qualify the moment - did I earn the time to do this?

How many other things, low hanging fruit things, have not been done?

It's those nagging things that we should be doing, but instead decide to, eh, do it later.

What I have found is taking care of the stupid shit I don't want to do before I can just chill to dive into the off button. 

Like finally changing out the smoke detectors - like really?! 

or, finally taking joggers off the chair from a week ago to let dry...

or, finally moving the hamper basket that's been in the same spot for like ever

or, finally cutting down all the cardboard in the garage..

or, finally rearranging the pantry to avoid 8 things of pickles...

or...  you get the point.  

You know exactly what I'm talking about.  The nagging things left to just be, meanwhile your mind knows you need to do X, but eh, another show on the Netflix, or a couple minutes turned hold F a couple hours on the Tik-Tok, or youtube. 

This is not easy, but damn, you'd be surprised what a little effort of taking care of the small shit, lingering shit, will do to your mind... you can actually enjoy a bit of off time.  The beauty in this approach is that when done enough you start to whittle down the lame ass to-do list, leading you to a clearer head to tackle the bigger things, the things that really move you to the next level.

As silly as this is, it's harder than it looks...

So, start small... next time your feet up, bout to chill, ask yourself, did I earn this moment?  Lying to yourself will only make it worse, so be honest.

Speaking to having earned it, Tristan earned his way to High School next year.

​Crazy what five years looks like - exactly to the day, exactly to the location, Avin's 8th grade promotion in 2019.  



Imagine how far I'd be if I had taken care of all the small shit between now and then?! 

Make sure you earn each and every day.  Today will be behind you sooner than you think.

Have a grateful Friday, friend! 

Chas and I are here if you need anything! 


This weekend while you're tipping a few back, cooking food over the grill, remember why we all have Monday off... remember those who've served our country and did not have the opportunity to come home.  RIP our fallen soldiers, thank you for your sacrifices 

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