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Breakfast w/the Dolphins

Good morning this morning!

I've almost started this post a number of times, however, my brain is working much, much slower than usual.

That's probably a good thing considering where I am right now.

All I can hear is the thundering sound of waves crashing with the sprinkled laughs of families like seagulls calling overhead. Meanwhile, propellers in the distance create a calming hum as the private airplanes watch the beach goers below. The smell of the salty ocean water fills the air. Every now and again I find myself downwind of aerosolized-sunscreen which perfumes this small patio area with the scent of pina colada.

I can't keep a solid focus for shit I'm so distracted.

I'm so lost at the randomness of stimulated senses, Chas was able to peer through the window beside me and take pictures. Not until the belch from my phone (her text message ringtone) did I come to and realize she even took a picture. hahah!

We're on our first family vacation in over five years now.

The only reason why I remember that is because we have this picture of my stupid ass screaming on the Jurassic Park ride while at Universal Studios. It's framed in the bathroom for the whole world to see, with the date May 10, 2018.

Looking back over the last five years, this kind of break is considerably long overdue. I'm legit in a real life situation where I could have asked myself:

so Josh, where do you see yourself in five years?

There's not a chance in hell I could have foreseen anything for where we are today. That's not a comment leveraged in success, more like self discovery through survival. If we're looking at success, in 2018 we had closed 33 real estate transactions, 7 alone in the Month of May?!

Vulnerably speaking, I'd kill for 7 this year?!

That aside however, the clarity of purpose only comes with time. Looking back to being 36 years old, beyond feeling older, the wisdom attained over these five years was worth the grind.

Holding out as long as we have, Chas and I knew that a vacation was on its way. We had been talking for every bit of eight months, then after missing out on a steal-of-a-trip to Mexico, the sense of urgency picked up.

Our last trip consisted of four days in Cali filled with amusement parks, travel and sightseeing. This time we wanted to do nothing but be as close to the beach and do nothing if possible. After about six hours of aggressively searching online, about ready to quit, I stumbled upon this picture...

Being a real estate professional, I can say for certain, it shows the way it's photographed. My first attempt at this blog post on Friday morning.

Earlier that Friday morning while I was warming up to write my blog, I was deep in the throes of making breakfast for the family. Smoked bacon scrambled egg burritos!

It did take me a bit longer than anticipated though. Off in the distance, but closer than days before, dolphins could be seen eating their breakfast as well!

Nothing better than having breakfast with the dolphins! Some of the most relaxing time I've had this week has been wandering the beach in the early morning capturing the sunrise. It's too nice not to share. Until next Friday! Have a grateful weekend!

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