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Borrowed time

Hello friend :)

Today's plans had their way of shifting.. forgive the late send this evening.  I legit just deleted all that I wrote but minutes ago.  It felt like an undeniable run on..  I'd rather be intentional than unnecessarily long winded.

I'm going to leave this with you instead. I read this earlier this week and have a picture that I've held onto for months... the two together paired brilliantly... afterwards I was compelled to share it with a friend.

All of us are on borrowed time.  There are no refunds, and there are no guarantees.

At some point the only time you'll have to worry about is the time you've wasted.

What are you doing with your time?

Picture comes from a friend of ours.  She takes amazing pictures.. this one is no exception.  Gotta love the AZ sunsets :) Have a grateful weekend :) -Josh & Chas

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