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AWESOME! Nicole Janosco :)

Well!! It's Friday... again! 

Damn days just won't slow down.  I hope whatever is important to you that you are getting after it and making it happen.  Time only picks up speed as the days and months slip by... so keep going.

It's hard to believe that I'm ticking into my 4th year now doing real estate.  It's still one of the most rewarding and stressful jobs I have ever done.  One of the hardest adjustments when I went full time was the sense of belonging... the feeling of this is what we do and why...  there was no "we"...It's a lonely place many times in this self employment realm.  Having my sweet Chas being invested in our business removes the loneliness and feels like something I'm used to.  Something "we" are creating...  In short time thereafter we picked up our little brother Ryan... for an Orange Family of 3... it's a good feeling. :)

When I went into this business I wanted to serve people in the best capacity I could, to make a safe place to be yourself without expectation.  As time has gone on we feel a difference in what we are doing... an unconventional approach to things.  People are asking and wanting to participate... as time has gone on, life has evolved into not only wanting to serve people in buying and selling a home.... but also make the Orange Family as safe place to come help people as well.  We want to also create a safe place for people to come be part of, build, learn, fail, succeed, "while" helping others... and without expectation of traditional circumstances found in our industry in the business side of real estate.. 

Bringing in legitimate family into the business is one thing, however, bringing in someone who is not family, but who has "become" family is another.  That person is Nicole Janosco. :)  our newest Family member of Team Orange.

When I was first getting into the real estate business I met Nicole and Jason as clients.  We spent a lot of time looking for a home.  The path life took us was not just in looking for a home... it was creating a true friendship... a relationship.  Although years later now, we all have kept in touch.  She always had the want to peruse this field and help people.  Coming from the legal field this was a great transition.

Through long conversations and knowing she had a safety net here, she got after it.  And after some solid trying effort... she made it :)  She's gotta a hell of a lot of fire much like my Chas... they may as well be sisters. :)  We are grateful for her efforts that have brought her here and are honored to open the door to share her with family of clients and friends.  We are so excited for her and so proud of her.  This is a huge step for Nicole! :) 

To day is a good day :)  congrats dear friend! :)  I've copied her here if you'd like to share some love :)

Things are happening out there :)  Next week I'll have some market updates for you. Thank you for allowing me to share the great news about our friend and now colleague Nicole.  If you know someone who has questions about our industry or needs a place to grow into... we're always here to help, guide, lead, and just be a safe place to ask questions without expectations... we're here. Have a joyful Friday and wonderful weekend.

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