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Avin's walking to school!

Good morning :)

It rained last night and this morning... oddly the clouds in today's picture look very similar to what's outside.  Damn pretty.. Makes me wish for a shop project so I can bask in the smells of the desert and enjoy it's quietness.  Thankfully though, I have a window to look outside out while I get things taken care of.  Here soon I'll have a cool project to share with you.

On another note, Chas made a big step today... she let our oldest Son, Avin, walk to school by himself.  Although it may seem odd that this is a big step, it certainly was and she didn't put up much of a fight with Avin to try this.  Now lets hope it's not raining when it's time to get our or he'll be a'walking! :)

It's just short and sweet today, friend. :)

If there is anything Chas and I can do to help you or someone you know, please let us know... this is a safe place to be yourself and ask questions.

Have a grateful Friday :)

-Josh & Chas

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