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Avin's got the Bieber Fever!! Sing it!!

Good morning friend :)

There are those times when you happen to stumble across a gem that you completely forgot about, and as a parent, you are thankful to the heavens that you actually captured on film.

This is one of them...

After short selling our first home in 2010, Chas and I rented for a little over three years. When we got our financial mess ironed out and square away we set out to buy a new build home in Feb of 2013. Since we shortsold the home we were not able to close on another home loan until after August 16th, 2013... as luck would have it we ended up closing on August 22nd... that was pretty cool. :)

While it was under construction, once a week or we as a family we would drive to the new build to check out it's progress, take pictures and just overall enjoy the process. On one of these trips Avin was caught singing to a Justin Bieber song... Of which we talked him into starting over so we could capture this moment...

So... his 8 year old ass agreed to sing us a tune while we filmed it....

Along with that, Tristan was only 3 and couldn't sing.... but he certainly could keep a beat and feel the jam.

​The boys were being assholes to each other this morning at breakfast. Avin going on 16 and Tristan 10, Chas made the comment "I remember you guys used to get along so well"... then she remembered the video and well...

I figured we'd kick the weekend off with a funny ass family video.. :)

I present to you an uncomfortable kid karaoke'ing away while his little wingman busts a beat...

It's so damn funny!

Video below.. :)

Above I made the comment of thanking the heavens... when I said that I recalled an amazing picture from my collection... It is clearly a picture taken from the heavens.

Have a grateful weekend friend! :)

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