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ADHD at its finest

Happy Friday to my buddy :)

Did you know that I was held back a year after starting kindergarten?


About two weeks into my first year the teacher told my parents that she couldn't contain me while in class. She said I was too young in the mind, too ADHD, and needed to sit that first year out so I could mature... so I did.

Boy was she wrong though! I'm still hella immature!

Before my life as a realtor-handyman, I did design work all day. Either mechanical or graphical in nature. I had a skateboard as a kid and it got ran over by my moms car. So when I would have a side project I was working on it was incredibly hard for me to focus on what I needed to do.

It was like being a good bartender but silently dealing with the fact that I was also an alcoholic. Making drinks when all I wanted to do was drink... here I design a hospital and all I wanted to do was design one of my projects. LOL!

As the years have continued I've come to fully understand that I am hella ADHD, but over this time I have learned to use it to my advantage. I'm coaching a little league flag football team this year, we're going to be the Saints. I feel like a working dog who must be worked, if not, they're all over the place.

In reality, I should likely be medicated, however, that ship sailed long ago and dealing with a limp your whole life, why bother fixing it when you're as old as you are. I joke with Chas that if I started a regiment of Adderall, hot shit! stay out of my way with my focus! ... I only like using 16' tape measures rather than 25 footers. So instead of being medicated that way I choose to load up on caffeine. I don't usually get the jitters or will it keep me up all night. It does however keep me in line and focused - especially if I'm doped up.

Right now however, it's not kicked in. I have like a bazillion things I want to do, things I want to start, but shit, need to finish something - lots of other things first, but, there's this splinter in my head that's pleading for attention. Heavy whipping cream makes scrambled eggs a lot more tasty!

It doesn't help that I have this sweet asshole in my lap distracting my attention. He suffers from the same problem. Do you ever notice paint along the baseboards that has trickled into the perimeter grout? I don't like it. God forbid the strings from my hoodie move and he's suddenly all about playing, oh wait, love please.

Before I could tackle my next tasks I needed to reach out to a buddy first to wish them a grateful Friday. The best thing for me was to talk about why I'm distracted, or share the random shit that goes through my head. Have you ever thought about putting concrete backer boards on walls before?

Man, I better not do anything significant until the next dose of 200mg of caffeine starts working. :)

Next week I'll have a nice real estate update for you. Crazy stuff!

Have a grateful weekend!

-Josh & Chas

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