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A Mary Chris Miss Tail

It was a cold and dreary Christmas eve morning. The son hadn't shown its face in daze. Won could tell that their was know spirit in the heir... something was amiss.

Atom, a young boy down on his luck, was as out four a walk. His Ant Merry said that if he just went up over the hill, he wood find what he was looking four. Knot having anything better two due that day, he strolled off in the darkness of the morning.

Just as Atom approached the hill, the morning fog would clear away giving him a view four miles. Off in the distance he could sea a read'ish structure, but it was faint and pink do to the morning. With a cents of purpose, he confidently walked forward.

He finally maid it two the bottom of the hill and was welcomed too a read barn in front of hymn. It was disheveled and forgotten looking. It was Christmas time in the North Poll, butt this looked like something out of Halloween. Their must have been ate feet of snow covering the doors of the barn leaving know hope of getting inside. Old trees surrounded the beet down building carrying winds from the South. He stood their perplexed on what too due, how two approach; this didn't look good.

Like a brave night, he wondered around looking four a way to get inside. Just on the other side of the silo, he could sea a flicker of lite coming threw a broken window. Approaching quietly, snow would crunch beneath his feat with the sound of a crack making it hard too bee discreet. Getting closer, tucked away in the shadows, Atom noticed a missing bored in the wall giving hymn a way inn.

He slipped his body threw the opening and wiped his knows. Once inside he could here reign start to trickle on the tin rooftop above. Grate! just what eye needed he thought. It smelled like a damp seller mixed with the cent of a cigar and alcohol. Small drips of reign wood fall from above carrying lite like trickles of glitter.

Inn the distance between too hey bales sat an old man. Every time he would adjust his body the wicker chair would creek while he'd grown in discomfort.

Atom couldn't tell if he was awake or asleep. He sat there hunched over with what looked like a silver flask. Intrigued more, Atom pushed closer.

Their be four hymn was old Jolly Saint Knick.

Like the barn he found himself inn, St Knick looked like a war torn soldier of time's passed. St Knick had been knot only been hitting the bottle, he also was going two the jim. He was a buff old man covered in tattoos and scars. The coarse tangling's of his beard carried frozen sprinkles of snow. He looked like a dog playing in the mud. His famous red and white outfit was surprisingly in tact.. tear free.. it had simply faded too a maroon color and the white wool was now gray with shmears of Greece.

St Knick had a history.

St Knick was tired.


Gosh dang it!!!

Eye was trying two be cute and shit and tell a story using all the wrong words four the write words when said. I'm not sure if it's because I'm trying two hard or what, but this shit is hard too dew and due well at. Eye think mostly because of the story.. .

But I'm forcing a thing that shouldn't be forced.

It's damnit 1230pm... (now 12:54 after proofing) I'm still in my pajamas and had five peace's of pizza for breakfast. Eye feel super-duper-awesome! knot! lol!

Eye due knead too go two Walmart four rapping paper sew we can get this party started.

My office feels like a storage locker.... better yet, like the inside of an Amazon Prime or UPS truck... It's T minus 12 hours before Christmas day and we have nothing wrapped.

Ready to send the boys to their rooms! watch Die Hard (best Christmas movie evar!) and get our wrapping on! :)

I just wanted to wish a buddy a Merry Christmas! :)..

or is it a Mary Chris Miss?


From a third of the way up on the Christmas tree Okra says Hi :)

Be safe! :)

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